Friday, September 08, 2006

I'm done...end of the blog


I'm not feeling up to covering everything out there, and besides, my life is a little more filled these days then when I started the blog in 2005. It served its purpose. May you all have success in your endeavors and take care of yourself.

Remember to question everything, to think through everything, to be open-minded, and to be healthy and wealthy in spirit and material tranquility.

I'm out.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Filiberto Ojeda is assassinated.

They assassinated Filiberto Ojeda Rios.

May your memory live on, Mr. Rios. Thank you for your sacrifice.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Hugo Chavez on Democracy Now

Chavez is interviewed by Democracy NOW!

Hugo Chavez' speech at the U.N. - video and sound

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Democrats ahead in poll

YEAY! A new poll shows Democrats with a 12 point lead over GOP rivals in the coming 2006 Congressional elections.

Are the American people FINALLY waking up that the source of their domestic and foreign woes come from the destructive Republican policies?

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Bush to fund private school replacements with tax dollars!

Get this, Bush wants to give $500 million in federal funding (our tax dollars) to help Private School kids displaced from their schools by Katrina, get into other private schools in different places.

Great, right after we get thousands of black, poor families (most likely all in public schools) displaced from their school, we ignore them, and help the richy-rich get back into their private schools...WITH OUR MONEY!

God I hate this President!

Condi Rice speaks on U.N reform

The Gap-Tooth Wonder speaks again.

Right after Venezuela and other countries make the argument that the U.N. has to experience a revolution in its foundation, including removing it from the U.S. territory (under the control of a nation that does not care about the organization's resolutions), the veto power of the permanent 5, and including more Third World representation in the Security Council, here comes Condi Rice to give The Empire's perspective.

Revolution OF Reform....what a joke.

Hugo Chavez speaks

Transcript of an exclusive interview by Ted Koppel with President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

Eye-opening. Let us hope their dream of a better world becomes reality.

And this, his earlier, applause-gathering speech at the U.N. summit.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Chertoff to blame, memo shows!

So, Chertoff is the real asshole in this story? Not Brown?

I mean, Brown screwed up anyway, so I'm not crying for him. But, if Chertoff waited 36 hours with his thumb up his ass, he needs to go too!

Fire Chertoff!

FAA knew of 9/11 style attack in 1998; Bush did NOTHING!

Remember those documents related to 9/11 that Bush didn't want to release. Well, some have been released.

Guess what was in it. The FAA knew that Al-Qaeda wanted to hijack an airliner into a major landmark. They knew in 1998, fucking 1998. They had 3 years to prepare a solid defense and warn their agencies, and they ignored it. Just like they ignored the preparations for a Katrina-style hurricane.

Why do you think Bush didn't want to release this? Because it proves, beyond a doubt, that his administration was dead at the wheel, even though Clinton tried telling him of this threat, and various memos supposedly talked of this threat. Remember Condo Rice, "the memos were vague, I remember they said Bin Laden determined to attack America".

They weren't vague. They were specific. They talked about a hijacked airliner into a major landmark.

IMPEACH this administration. Not only are they inept, they're liars.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Dead Executed Prisoners used for skincare products,7369,1568622,00.html

File this one under the "creepy" category. Skincare products harvested from...the skin of dead, executed prisoners in China!?


A comment on Condo Rice and diversity?

I was reading Condoleeza Rice attempt to defend America's racial standing in the world, especially on the level of "diversity" in different fora, and I was struck by the blunt, but effective response from one of the thread's participants. Take a look at this picture.