Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Third Party candidates get more votes than Bush in Ohio? HUH?


You read right...the Daily News' Juan Gonzalez is reporting that in several cases, the Constitutional Party's Michael Peroutka received as much as 600% more votes than the Republican candidate, George W. Bush...and this for a candidate from an ultra-right, anti-immigrant party, in predominantly BLACK precints. Blacks have consistently given their support for the Democratic party, in percentage rates of 85-90% of the entire African-American population. That third-party candidates (of an ultra-right party, no less) did comparable to the Democrat (Kerry) in these counties reveals either widespread fraud or incredibly unreliable voting results as a result of major accidental errors in the vote machines. There was also record black registrations and turnouts in various parts of Ohio, despite the Democrats doing WORSE than Al Gore did in 2000. Makes you wonder...where did that high black voter turnout and their votes go? Could fraud or widespread accidental errors divide the black vote between Kerry...and Peroutka? What the hell is going on in Ohio?

If this doesn't make you want to scrap the results of the election in Ohio and have a new election with Canada-style paper sheet ballots, HAND COUNTED this time...I don't know what will.

Sandinistas make huge inroads in Nicaragua...U.S. meddling again


The more things change...the more they stay the same.

The Sandinista movement, enjoying increased popularity in Nicaragua, amidst a general shift to the Left in Latin America, is poised to make more electoral victories in the coming presidential elections.

The U.S. has dispatched an envoy to meet exclusively with the right-wing of the nation to try to get them to unite against the common danger of the Left.

Instead of the United States responding to the expressed democratic desires of a growing part of the Nicaraguan population (which seems to be awakening to a Sandinista regime again), it dispatches an envoy to expressly aid the Right-wing of the nation and interfere in the Nicaraguan democracy. Shouldn't our national representatives meet with both sides in an effort to advance common ground on democracy-building/economic development? Instead, the U.S. is showing its true face, and the same old face its had for a century or more of Latin American relations: that of benefactor of the right-wings of Latin America.

Yet another example of American meddling in Latin American affairs...to the detriment of Nicaragua's democracy.

Amy Goodman interviews lawyers associated with German "war crimes" suit against the U.S.


Democracy Now's Amy Goodman interviews lawyers associated with a lawsuit in Germany to try various U.S. officials (Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Ex-CIA chief George Tenet). Germany has one of the few national laws that allows the prosecution of war criminals, regardless of where they reside and whether or not their country signed on to the International Criminal Court (like the United States).

It's sad...but if the Supreme Court of this nation refuses to hear challenges to its leaders or continues to strike them down, then it is incumbent on the rest of the world to hold the United States accountable. Firebrand's Breath hopes that the case will go through, and those responsible for Guantanamo, and Abu Ghraib's treatment are found guilty...and it wasn't just the grunts...they got their marching orders from intellectual architects back home in the civilian departments (people like Alberto Gonzalez, the current candidate for the Attorney General).

Update! - Visit http://www.ccr-ny.org to help the lawyers campaign to get their case prosecuted by the German prosecutor! They are actually the same group that won the landmark Guantanamo detainees' rights case in the U.S. Supreme Court!

Exit polls are right, election results are wrong


EXCELLENT article on the issue of exit polls not matching the presidential results.

I agree with the Berkeley study and the assertions of Dick Morris...exit polls are rarely that wrong, and for all of the U.S. exit polls to be off by 4-5% in Bush's favor is almost statiscally impossible. For the same reason, Ukraine's exit polls mismatched election results over there, and that was the indicator that gave legitimacy to the movement by supporters of the opposition to challenge the results.

The exit polls were not wrong...the doctored election results were...

Onward recount investigators!

DU thread discussing the possibility that Kerry won Florida


Take it with a grain of salt (as with anything that comes from online forums)...but I think the DU guys are up to something here.

A Miami Herald article, which intended to discredit the belief that the election can be overturned in Florida, actually proved that significant errors were discovered in hand recounts. Kerry won about 1,000 votes in each hand recounted county.

As the astute poster observes, if the same rate of recount "fixing" of the vote results occurs in every Florida County, Kerry would win 400,000 votes, and win Florida.

Does this prove Kerry won Florida...no...but it does prove that there is no credibility or validity to the election and that recounts SHOULD go forward in as many states as possible. If there is even a possibility that Kerry could win through a recount of ALL the counties of Florida, it should occur. Firebrand's Breath demands no less.

Principal offended by "sexy" dancing


The never-ending battle between the straights and the hip.

Although I do have one criticism of the students...stop the faking, and start doing it already! Why waste time rubbing against each other when you should be going into closets, dorm rooms, and basements everywhere and banging away.

You can't beat biology...never could, and never will. Let the sexual revolution continue...

Pro-Torture/Anti-Geneva Conventions Alberto Gonzalez being considered for approval as Attorney General


That's nice, Civil rights organizations...thanks for doing your job. Now we, the bloggers on the net, will do ours.

Firebrand's Breath is calling for a full opposition to this candidate. The man is the person responsible for the Guantanamo treatment of detainees, advising that torture at Guantanamo was legal, and advising the President that he retreat from the Geneva Conventions. That's not the type of political or legal advise I want the U.S. president to be listening...and not the type of man that I want in charge of our laws.

And we ain't fooled that he is Latino...Pinochet, Somoza, Batista, Trujillo, Noriega, and the rest of the scum that pass as leaders in Latin America were hispanics too.

Bush chickens out...doesn't address Canadian House of Commons


If a President of the United States can't stand in front of the Parliaments of other nations, he doesn't deserve to be our representative to the world.

What a damned pussy...and I'm not fooled by the White House spokesman...they know full well that a few, patriotic Canadians would heckle Mr. Bush at the House of Commons.

Tom Ridge is resigning? What's going on with all these resignations?

CNN is reporting breaking news that Tom Ridge is resigning...

what's going on with all of these cabinet resignations? The only ones staying are the hard-core pro-war imperialists or neocons...

Is Bush purging the Cabinet as well? I don't like such radical changes at the top, all of a sudden. Coupled with the "chatter" that we have heard coming from the emboldened Republicans in the House, I feel he's setting up the pieces for his escalation of fascism in this country.

Christian fundamentalists attempt "infiltration tactics" with schools


Sneaky, sneaky Christian fundamentalists...stick out your hand.

*slap*, *slap*, SLAP! - "no, no, no, no, no...bad Christian fundamentalists...bad Christian fundamentalists!"

Ken Blackwell sued in Ohio for voting procedures that disenfranchise voters

Ken Blackwell is in the thick of things...he's being sued by citizen voters who are contesting his decision on voting in "wrong precints". Read about this here:


and here:


Additionally, readers can peruse this "affidavit" from Neil F. Schoenwetter Jr., a Democratic challenger at the polls, who testified that voting officials were telling people they could vote at that precint and their votes would be counted, no matter where their supposed precints was supposed to be. Read it here:


Here at Firebrand's Breath, I promised no-holds barred commentary, and that's exactly what I will give. Mr. Blackwell is a shame to all people who hold themselves to standards of fairness and decency. Furthermore, he is a shame to his race. While millions of African-Americans participate in community groups designed to develop and aid impoverished communities all throughout the United States, this "black" man enjoys the prestige of being a Republican operative in Ohio and abuses his position to pass "rules" regarding voting procedures that disenfranchise African-American and other "perceived" Democratic voters. You have a right to your conservative beliefs, Mr. Blackwell, but you will be judged by the rest of the people, including the 85%+ African-American voters that vote Democrat (for a reason!). You cannot support a party that disenfranchises members of your own race at the polls, that tries to cover the "racism" charge by appointing select sell-out Latinos and Blacks to high positions, and expect people to simply respect your views. Your views stink, Mr. Blackwell, and so does your conscience as a black man. Martin Luther King didn't get dogs thrown at him so that you could become a Co-Chair of the Republican Party and abuse that position to institute rules that disenfranchise "select" voters in your state...and African-American voters, in that!

For that, he earns this blog's "Yes, Massa" Malcolm X Award for most Prestigious House Negro of the Moment. Congratulations Ken!

Quietly released Pentagon report confirms major dissident's argument: "They hate our policies, not our freedom"


Since 9/11, Americans have asked, "Why do they hate us"? The media and U.S. government, totally fumbling the ball on explaining to Americans why terrorists struck at the United States, have sought to provide the explanation that the terrorists hate our freedoms.

In the last Osama Bin Laden tape's transcript, Osama was clear why he had struck at the United States...and it wasn't because we were "free", and they were "jealous". Read it here


For 4 years, dissidents to the Bush administration's policies have attempted to make the case that our entire War on Terrorism, based on the logic that, since our enemies hate our freedom, we have no choice but to destroy them, has been wrongheaded. They've argued that it is the policies that our country has undertaken ever since 1898 heralded America's imperial role (actually some would say 1850s, with the Mexican War, and some would go further back with the push Westward against Native Americans) that have gained it the ill-will it receives around the world. Their version of why America was struck on 9/11 (that essentially, chickens came home to roost on that day) is more in line with the stated reasons given by Osama Bin Laden in the above URL.

Now, the Christian Science Monitor is reporting that the Pentagon has finally, after 4 years of disastrous policies, come to the conclusion that yes, the dissidents were right. They hate our policies, not our freedom.

Permit me then, readers, to say a statement for all Leftists, dissidents, progressives, Democrats, and otherwise non-conformists to the Bush regime....

WE TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More on the U.S. use of the banned weapon, Napalm, in Fallujah


More on this unfolding story...the English Sunday Mirror is now reporting on the U.S. use of the banned weapon, Napalm, in Fallujah.

So, when Iraq has WMD that dozens of other countries have, it's illegal, it's bad, and it justifies a war...when the U.S. uses banned weapons....no outcry? Please, no double standards...one will do just fine.

P.S. - Iraq DIDN'T have WMDs...and when you use banned weapons...you have committed a WAR CRIME...no if, ands, or buts.

Keith Olbermann interviews Ken Blackwell - VIDEO


Keith Olbermann, one of the mass media's most courageous journalists for picking up the election irregularities/fraud stories, has interviewed Kenneth Blackwell, the Secretary of State of Ohio who is chairing the election counting commission of that state as well as being co-chair of the Ohio Bush/Cheney Republican campaign. Conflict of interest, people?

Get informed...watch the video. Make sure you have the latest Windows Media Video codecs to play it.

UPDATE: Kenneth Blackwell....is BLACK? No way...no freaking way! How can this man be the person in charge of the Republican dirty tricks that disenfranchised African-Americans and college-level students in Ohio? My god....it's like a bad SCI-FI horror movie....Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell, Clarence Thomas, and now this guy? Invasion of the House Negroes! How any black man, despite their personal political points of view, can participate in a political party that has undertaken measures to disenfranchise black voters (2000 election, 2004 election) is beyond me.

Green and Libertarian parties to file recounts in Nevada and New Mexico


Forget all the bad things I said about third parties being spoilers (and I voted Nader in 2000, for your info). It turns out that when the going got tough...the third parties got tougher. The spineless Kerry is still yet to be seen (although my theory is that he's onboard with the election results' investigation...just bidding his time until enough evidence is uncovered by "third parties" so that he can "unconcede").

This time, after announcing recounts of Ohio's counties, the Greens and Libertarians are doing the same in Nevada and New Mexico. Add to this the news I posted earlier of Jesse Jackson joining the Ohio recount effort...and finally the progressive movement is shifting into Turbo.

Go get em guys! Find out all the dirty tricks!

Wayne Madsen interviewed on radio

Wayne Madsen, author of two articles on vote rigging, was interviewed on Pacifica radio's Sunday Monitor. Here's the link to the online MP3 version of the show.


According to my email source, he begins to speak at 21:45 minutes and starts his discussion of the election at 26:00 minutes.

Visit here for my previous post on Wayne Madsen's initial articles on vote rigging.


Monday, November 29, 2004

Alabama voters refuse to amend state constitution to remove segregationist text


Man, the people in the South really make sick...and I'm not holding back on it. I don't want to have any "national unity" with these peoples. Not being able to support an amendment to symbolically scrap away "segregation era" text on the Alabama Constitution is not something that should be a rational topic of debate, where there are two rational points of views. No...there is only one...being pro-civil rights for everyone. If you are against that, you are an ignorant Nazi...end of story. As Bill Maher said on his DVD "Victory Begins at Home" - "Don't become so tolerant that you tolerate the intolerant".

We should have allowed them to leave the Union back during the Civil War...they've never fully assimilated to the vision of America of the North (which is line with the civilized thought of the Western world and other civilized regions of the world), and have tenaciously held on to their "Southern Confederate" national identity ever since. I think it's time for a serious talk about national seperation...no more debates on the propriety of Confederate flags, no more debates about the propriety of ending segregation era Constitutional texts, no more meaningless discussions on what should be obvious to any civilized person. If the South can't handle it...I want my "damn Yankee northerner" dollars to never go to a Southern-Red State (studies show Blue States pay more in taxes, Red States take more from the national treasury). Let them eat their damned hunting guns, 2nd Amendment copies, Bibles, and anti-gay/anti-abortion/militia manifestos. Let their intolerant societies fester, without civilized intervention, until their entire "Jesusland" becomes a desolate, deteriorated wasteland of Bubbas.

Firebrand's Breath fully condemns this action and all the rest of the backwards junk that passes for politics in "Jesusland" (Red States, the South). There's absolutely no reason why civilized people in the United States have to stand the ignorance of "Jesusland" in the name of "national unity". I want a national seperation of the Blue States from the Red States.

Bill Maher - girlfriend extorsion story update


I personally think that this lady is after Maher's money. I mean, her claim is that the guy promised her to take care of her financial situation if she quit her job...for whatever reasons, the relation soured and he left her without anything. Now she's asking for compensation? I'm sorry...but, unless they were married and they jointly created wealth, she isn't entitled to any of Maher's well-earned money (he's a great comic, and a great social critic as well). Get with the program, girl. People promise a lot of stuff when they are together...and perceptions and attitudes change...that doesn't mean the guy owes you anything because he has had a change of heart.

One thing, though...Bill. I love your stuff and your show...but the girl you chose...jesus, she looks like a she-male....am I alone in thinking she's not that pretty?

UPDATE!!! - Maher's ex-girl is named Nancy Johnsen aka "Coco" Johnsen...I did a google search on her...and lo and behold, I found this. http://www.starlitepublishing.com/Final/Dir/J/GMCocoJ.html
NUDITY WARNING!!!! - don't go to the previous URL if you still are living in Amish times and have sex through a blanket with a hole in it.
Coco Johnsen is a....PORNSTAR? So, we are supposed to believe a pornstar with a previous history of extorsion claims against ex-boyfriends over Bill Maher? You make the call.

Lawyers target U.S. for war crime charges over Abu Ghraib


About damned time...I'm quite tired of hearing the dissenting classes complain about war crimes, abuses of the Geneva conventions, and American exclusivity and exemption from international law. Stop the chatter, stop the bullshit...and let's start initiating lawsuits. Or the Courts hold this government accountable, or the people in the streets will...

Wayne Madsen, author of vote rigging articles, answers questions on DU!


Wayne Madsen, author of two provocative articles in which he suggests that there was a Saudi/Enron/Republican conspiracy to rig the election, is fielding questions in a Democratic Underground forum. here's your chance to find out more on his story.

To read the original pieces, go here:


and the follow up story:


Jesse Jackson joins Ohio election investigation!


Continuing to cover the election fraud/irregularities stories that are being mostly ignored in the media...this time, Yahoo News via the Associated Press is reporting on the efforts of various organizations and individuals (including the Rev. Jesse Jackson) in asking the Ohio Supreme Court to rule on the validate of the election.

http://www.bradblog.com has probably the best reference account of all the newspaper articles coming out on election fraud or irregularity. Firebrand's Breath will continue to scourge the net and report on this issue. Our democracy MUST be transparent or accountable...or it will not be at all.

U.S. soldier provides footage of Fallujah conquest


Real footage from a U.S. soldier...of the Fallujah conquest.

Paralyzed woman walks again! Stem Cell Research credited


Some news of hope to counter the barrage of negative news. A paralyzed woman in South Korea, who has been paralyzed for 20 years after an accident, walks again in a press conference where researchers credited stell cell research to her miracle. Truly a wonder of modern science...and curse the damned Christian fundamentalists for soiling this research with their religious dogma. Can't we perform a surgery and remove "Jesusland" (Red States) from the United States of America?

Oh...Christopher Reeve...how you died too soon...if only we could have saved you.

American general saberratles with Iran...but Iran's got an ace up their sleeve


General John Abizaid is flexing his muscles (well, not his...he's playing Rambo with other peoples' lives), warning Iran not to "misunderestimate" (in the words of our glorious President Bush) American military power, despite its forces deeply overstretched in Afghanistan and Iraq. That may be so...America is still a powerful country...but, Iran's got an ace up its sleeve...it does have weapons of mass destruction, and missiles to deliver them. It also has a large 600,000+ army, (that goes into the millions with its reservists), Mig Fighting jets, tanks, artillery batteries, a topography perfect for mountain guerilla warfare, and a unified populace (Persian unity is not the divisions of Kurds, Turkomen, Shiites, and Sunnis in Iraq). No one really knows what would be the outcome of such a conflict, but one thing's for sure...America would suffer HEAVY casualties. In fact, Iran's Russian-made "Sunburn" missiles are a threat to be reckoned with...read this account of the sheer power and advanced nature of these missiles here:


and here:


A little less arrogant saberrattling, and a little more focusing on giving Americans healthcare, housing, food and education...please.

U.S. armed forces admit psychological damage to their soldiers.


Lest we forget the unspoken consequences of this unnecessary "war crime" (as Chomsky puts it). Notice, as well, that the man speaks of the parallels of his paranoia in the Mekong Delta (Vietnam) and the type of warfare in Iraq.

Iraq IS Vietnam..in the important aspects...the most important being that you cannot defeat a popular insurgency in their own land. They will fight for a CENTURY if need be...we however want to be home for Thanksgiving...you can't fight that type of willpower, the willpower of a people fighting for their liberation from an occupying force.

Israeli soldiers force Palestinian to.....play a VIOLIN? HUH?


Yep, you heard it right. Those good ol' Israeli soldiers are it again...must be kinda boring on the battlefield, because they forced a Palestinian man to play his violin...read the entire article for an entire laundry list of scandals that have surfaced in the press. The funny thing is, people who research the Israeli/Palestinian conflict know of such humiliations, and that they happen daily. It seems that, for one reason or another, Israeli soldiers and Israeli informants are starting to "tattle-tail" on their own...having pangs of guilt, it seems. Isn't there an irony here? Didn't German Nazis force Jews to do the same, to play Jewish songs for them while they mocked them? I've always said it...what Israel is doing today to the Palestinians is exactly what the Nazis did to them...a weird psychological transplanting of the national trauma of the Holocaust and the Nazi regime toward a new victim...

So much for the much-vaunted (at least in the American media) "moral superiority" of the Israeli "Defense" forces.

Ukraine's popular revolt isn't so "popular"


Well, things get more interesting...perhaps this "people's revolt" is not really so "people's". This reminds me of the actions of the U.S. government vis a vis Venezuela, during the short-lived coup d'etat by Hugo Chavez's opposition, and the Carmona government. In that case, allegations were made that the main opposition parties and the main opposition press were being funnelled money through secretive U.S. agencies, most prominently the CIA. The United States was interving in the affairs of another nation by upsetting the balance of forces, so as to give a financial advantage to one side. The danger with such strategies is that they can aid in creating the situation that we see in Ukraine today...a group of political partisans masquerading as the voice of the nation. What happens when the rest of the nation retaliates? CIVIL WAR. So, perhaps this isn't a spontaneous people's revolt...but rather the calculated actions of an opposition being aided by the West, and particularly the U.S. That would explain Washington's unusual interest in "democracy" in the Ukraine. I should have become suspicious when the United States refused to recognize the results...the U.S. has ALWAYS supported undemocratic regimes without challenge...why would they stop now?

*sigh*...and I thought an inspiring show of popular democracy in action was being shown in Ukraine....

UPDATE!! - http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2089-1379054,00.html

Things are beginning to get ugly...Russia is starting to saberrattle...it's obvious Moscow is not liking American/European Union intervention in the affairs of a state in its sphere of influence. Hey Bush....how about letting this go...if there is a clear fraud in Ukraine, let the Ukraining people handle it...no need in stirring up a geopolitical conflict over a situation that is increasingly looking like Western meddling rather than genuine, popular anger at fraud.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

What a spoiled brat! Bush shoves Clinton to be FIRST!

There you have it folks...the American "mantra" symbolized in one picture (they say 1 picture is worth 1000 words...who are "they", anyway?...but I digress....). "Me first, Me Second, Me Third". This is the most "spoiled brat" you're ever gonna get with the U.S. presidency...would Lincoln, Kennedy, Roosevelt or other president do this? Seems like he skipped that day in kindergarden when they taught manners. I wonder what Clinton's thinking... Posted by Hello

Eastern Ukraine threatening to Secede!


Why does the good stuff happen elsewhere? Maybe we should take a cue from the Ukrainians, who seem to know how to defend their democracy....anybody for a Blue State Secession?

President's feeling a draft...no, not the military one!

God, folks...I can't believe this guy is the President of the United States...look at Putin's face! Memo to America: if you can't zip up your pants, you can't be President Posted by Hello

U.S. using illegal gas weapons in Iraq?


I'm a big proponent of double-checking facts, so please go on Google.com and double-check this source. However, if true, it would be absolutely horrible for the United States to be using such weapons...if they can use them, tell me again why Saddam couldn't own them? And what is the dividing point between WMDs and conventional weapons? Where do we draw the line? Saddam's WMD are bad...but U.S. depleted uranium, napalm, phosporus bombs, and "surgical" missiles strikes are OK? History's definitely going to give us a lashing for this war....big mistake...

Thanksgiving with the Bushes! (or in the Bush, which is it....) Posted by Hello

Chomsky on Bill Maher's HBO "Real Time" show


Finally, we get Chomsky on some major media. His appearance on Maher's show was a little "dull" (even my Chomsky's "academese" standards), but he made a few good, points...such as the unequivocal statement that the War on Iraq was a war crime, plain and simple...that's the way we like it here at Firebrand's Breath...no holds barred and no pulled punches. Check out Chomsky's stuff on Amazon.com or www.zmag.org, if you don't know anything about this guy (what planet have you been living in?) - :)

U.S. Soldiers destroy an Iraqi's car


I usually visit Ebaum for comic relief from the daily idiocy I witness on American streets...but it seems that the "America can do no wrong" bug has infected my good friends at Ebaumsworld.com

I didn't find this video particularly funny. It depicts U.S. soldiers halting a group of Iraqis who were, allegedly, looting wood. Since the Iraqis were "not getting it that they did wrong" (according to one of the soldiers), the soldiers took it upon themselves to open fire on the Iraqis' car and then flatten it by running over it TWICE with a U.S. tank.

The Iraqi claimed later...that he was a taxi driver and that the car was his livelihood. Way to win hearts and minds, Marines....add that one to the "why we lost Iraq" file.

Let's start with what's important: Election 2004

Firebrand's not happy...not happy at all...and most of all because it seems the election results have been either rigged or made totally invalid by the myriad of election errors and suspicious occurences. I would like to dedicate my first substantial post to the good people at the following blogs and websites, who inspired me to publish my work in blog format. I am also providing these links for the benefit of the casual reader...your democracy is being taken away. Get educated on it.

Go to:


Firebrand's Breath will also join the cause of transparent voting and verification...and will post news regarding this issue (hopefully) regularly.

Firebrand surveying the land.... Posted by Hello

Welcome All

Ok, ok, folks...i'm late to the blog game...but I've had enough. I'm just a regular citizen of the United States who has had it with the Bizarro World politics and news that we see. I'm tired of pulling punches, and holding back in the name of "unity" in the nation. I promise you, the readers, nothing but this: A Fiery Burning Through the News! Here at Firebrand's Breath, deceivers, oppressors, and other lame excuses for existing beings will get their much deserved purification by fire...my fire! If you can't take the heat...get out of the kitchen...but if you are still here, then welcome aboard. I promise NEVER to disappoint.