Monday, February 28, 2005

Vida Linux caveat

So far, Vida Linux has been AWESOME in detecting my devices (except for the Windows partititions...but I'll fix that).

One caveat...the Emerge package system is based on compiling the latest upgrades from Gentoo's portage sites...that means that, although the end product is the fastest possible binaries for your computer (faster loading and working programs), the installation process takes literally HOURS for most programs. OpenOffice, a crucial MS Office clone, takes 9 hours to compile.

If you're a techie like me, that's not a problem...but if installation speed is an issue, check another distribution. If PERFORMANCE from the computer during work is an issue...leave the computer compiling the software at night, like I do...

back to the news...

U.S. intends to bar Venezuela from the OAS

More bullying by the United it intends to brand Venezuela as an undemocratic regime and get it barred from the Organization of American States (OAS), just like Cuba is.

One little problem, America....Chavez won elections to be President and has ruled constitutionally...furthermore, he just won 69% in a referendum that even the Carter Center said was fair. is Chavez "undemocratic"?

The hypocrisy is VERY transparent...

New Study reveals the horrible effects of depleted uranium

New studies detail up to 56% contamination rates for returning Veterans from the First Gulf War, related to depleted uranium. 11,000 Gulf War veterans have already died. This is in contrast to 5% for most wars of the last century (medical problems), and 10% heightened risk for returning veterans in the Vietnam War.

Was the Gulf War the first "nuclear" war, with all the effects from exposure to depleted uranium? Did the government knowingly allow American soldiers to be exposed to damaging depleted uranium? Furthermore, did it knowingly use such weapons, which do not discriminate between civilians and military people, as a weapon of war, in violation of all treaties protecting civilians from the effects of warfare? Can this be characterized a "weapon of mass destruction"?


Lebanese throw out pro-Syrian government...massive protests!

Things seem to be spiralling out of control for the Syrian occupation of Lebanon...can't say I feel sorry for them....they should have been out sooner.

The Voice of the White House, Feb 23rd

Time again to indulge in our conspiratorial tendencies...

The "voice" speaks more in depth about the Jeff Gannon connection to the White House and the contention (which I've long suspected) that a lot of the White House leadership is run by closeted gays (and virulently anti-gay, hypocritical ones at that!)

And a good examination of the "triad" that rules the country (Christian fanatics, pro-Israeli Likudists, and "sailor-chasing gays"). Right out of the most warped sexual fetish rag that you can get your hands on....

Scary stuff...and I sure hope that all of this one day comes out...because not only Bush needs to be punished...but the American people MUST have a record of what occured...must have a record of the absolute travesty and absurdity of the Bush presidency to act as our "hitler" administration for future administrations. The Republican / Christian Taliban agenda must be discredited for all generations to come...and only through absolute, dismal failure, on all levels (moral, economic, legal, political) can this come to pass.

It's a sad dilemma...but one that is quite frankly out of our hands.

Oscars and Vida Linux

Well...the Oscars are over...and how boring it was. I tuned in simply to see if Chris Rock would piss off the Christian Taliban squares watching the telecast...but he was rather muted all night...and he seemed tight...I guess the venue is not exactly really liberating....Oscars have become such a scripted, tight affair that they lack energy. It was REALLY least Robin Williams energized the crowd.

And what's with Sean Penn...coming out looking like a half-drunk, half-stoned bum (doesn't he always though?)...and chastizing Rock for a joke about Jude Law. That's ok though...Chris Rock cracked on him afterwards...and the press coverage on the Internet is not very favorable to Penn. I agree with them...lighten up Sean....

Now to Linux...I ABSOLUTELY love Vida Linux (A Puerto Rican made Linux distribution)...especially its Gentoo-based "portage" system. Type in emerge--sync, and your system collects a manifest of all available software on Gentoo servers, type in emerge --system update, and it will update ALL your existing system the latest out there! I wish Windows would do that! No more scouring the net for the latest Winzip or Winamp...most regular applications are in Gentoo servers and all you have to do is run rsync every 2-3 weeks (don't do it multiple times a day, or you will get banned), then run a sys-update, and your computer will always sport the latest software. If you want to get a particular program, that's ok can do invidual packages...and best of all, it COMPILES the software, rather than running binaries (longer install, faster performance).

After trying like 6 distributions of Linux and FreeBSD 5.3...I think I found my favorite Linux distribution. Check it out here

Sunday, February 27, 2005

9 year-old boy genius working with the Republicans

how sad....a brilliant intellect...wasted on #1) a totally illegitimate and moronic president, pushing a totally illegitimate and moronic Social Security agenda, and #2) using his vast, God-given genius to develop bigger and better institutions and ways to protect the unequal status quos, the parties that benefit from it (the upper classes and the priviliged) and stump for the continuation of Christian Taliban social transformation and neo-trickle-down economics.

I hope that with age, with contact with diverse peoples, and with his life experiences, this boy will develop the necessary empathy to realize the profoundly immoral nature of Republican policies.

Trying Vida Linux

I decided to go with Vida LInux because it is based on Gentoo Linux, possibly the fastest Linux distro (well, Yoper is faster, but I don't like Yoper's clutter). Vida Linux is nice and clean on the Desktop...minimalist (almost NOTHING installed), and I get to update it manually through its Portage system (similar to freebsd's ports).

Let's see how it goes. So far...I love Gnome 2.8 and the speed of the system.

Veterans to get fee hikes thanks to Republican measure,11491,,00.html?str_filename=FL%5Ffee%5F022605&passfile=FL%5Ffee%5F022605&page_url=%2FNewsContent%2F0%2C13319%2CFL%5Ffee%5F022605%2C00%2Ehtml

talk about supporting the troops (or being a hypocrite).

Republican measures will raise fees on 2.4 million veterans...

Way to go Republicans...and if you are a soldier and you voted Republican...enjoy the fee, sucker.

Iran got help from Pakistan nuke scientist

A little news to stop the Linux/FreeBSD talk...

Iran seems to have been getting nuke parts from the Pakistan father of the Pakistan bomb. Not that I'm surprised. For all my protests against the U.S. continual harrassment of the Iranian people, I was under no illusions that Iran was not developing nukes.

But...this kinda confirms it.

Back to's why

Surprisingly, my FreeBSD 5.3 installation went easier than I thought. I had feared configuring a Unix-based installation from scratch...but I got X configured, sound working, and even had a choice of Desktops. I definitely learned more aobut Unix Based systems (fstab file, loader.conf, xorg or xfree86config, etc.)

However, even though I was willing to work hard and learn Unix shell commands, I was severely put off by the fact that FreeBSD does not include ALSA sound architecture (the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture). It relies on the old OSS based system, which is known to be less "flexible" in its sound output than ALSA...for the first time, this issue had consquences in the way music would play on XMMS (i haven't had problems with XMMS in any of my Linux distros because of the ALSA drivers). So...that clinched it for me...I want to be able to listen to my mp3s right...and until FreeBSD develops a sound architecture that is comparable to ALSA, I'll stick with Linux...

So...I'm off to try VidaLinux 1.1, a gentoo-based distribution that has a minimalist gnone desktop...just like I like it. And...maybe I'll like it. I'll report back when it is installed.

Saturday, February 26, 2005


Ok folks...I'm going to reveal my geek status! After trying three distributions of Linux, and hearing from a lot of FreeBSD partisans, I decided to "jump off the deep end" and try FreeBSD, configure the X Window System from scratch, and run a Desktop Environment. I did it! I successfully configured X, and I'm running Gnome 2.6 on it. Now I got to enable sound, edit the screen resolution, mount my Windows partitions, a whole host of stuff...but damn does it feel good to have made the jump to FreeBSD!

I'll keep you all posted of my progress...

UPDATE: Fixed Xorg.conf...resolution is now 1024x768 at 24-color bit :)
Fixed sound VIA soundcard is now loading up at bootup.
fixed 3 windows partitions...I have read-write access to my files again! Hello Mp3s!

That takes care of most of the "essentials" to download the software I regularly use and setup my printer and scanner...

Whoever said FreeBSD couldn't be used for a desktop will have to eat those words!

Update: well it had to happen...Using XMMS to listen to skips and pops...and I can't figure out how to fix it. Will continue to search the Internet for answers. In the meantime, visit the newswebsites to get info on what's going on. When I get FreeBSD fixed...I will post more regularly.

British Anti-Abortion groups to adopt harsh tactics,5942,12376875,00.html

Anti-Abortion groups in Britain are going to follow in the ways of their American counterparts, and picket abortion clinics and publish the names and addresses of those that take part in business at the abortion clinics.

A modern day witchhunt...posting the names and addresses of people to DELIBERATELY nudge people to harrass them, give them bad looks, or worse...go and do something physical to them.

In the past, we used to call this the "burn her at the stake, she's a witch!" variant of Puritan witchhunts...but in today's world, it's just being a Good Christian.

Christ is crying now....

School bans a lesbian from self-photo in yearbook

The Christian Taliban continues in its unending crusade to terrorize everyone different from them, and impose their values on others.

Contrast the comments of pro-principal and anti-principal observers at the Board meeting.

"This is not to be treated as a gay right's issue," her mother said. "Rather it's a human rights issue."

Some applauded Ward's decision, including Karen Gordon, who said, "When uniformity is compromised, then authority no longer holds."

Notice the fear involved in anti-gay rhetoric...the fear of social breakdown (supposedly a consequence of wearing a tuxedo, if you are a woman). It is akin to the "sky is falling" rhetoric.

The mother is pleading for the recognition of her daughter's human rights. She is pleading for Americans to practice the values they preach...and allow her daughter her individual freedom to dress as she wishes. The comments of Karen Gordon, however, evidence a totally different philosophy...a philosophy divorced from beliefs in individual freedom. It is a philosophy of, in her own words, AUTHORITY. The choice of words should be scary...UNIFORMITY...AUTHORITY. In one sentence, Mrs. Gordon has shown us what the Christian Taliban movement is all is about UNIFORMITY, drone-like uniformity and submission to authority, be it the Reverend, the President, or God (or at least what the prevailing belief about God is).

It is, quite frankly, a philosophy of fascist all-encompassing, uniformity and authority imposing fascism, based on a narrow (and quite incorrect) interpretation of the Gospel.

Who will win this ideological battle in the United States is up to the people.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Tom Delay found to be violating fundraising rules...scandal!

Why is it so hard for people to understand that a corrupt, self-righteous, "Christian" Taliban activist, who was a goddamn roachkiller before he was Congressman, could possibly be doing criminal stuff?

Can we PLEASE get rid of this Republican scum?

Ali Sistani has spoken...Al Jaafiri is his pick

The most influential man in Iraq, Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani, has spoken....He wants Ibrahim Al Jaafari to be the first elected Prime Minister of Iraq.

Will this have any bearing on Allawi's hopes (he claims he is forming a coalition to be PM) or the Kurdish groups?

We'll see...but the now that the Shiite authority leader has spoken, it's pretty clear that the Shiite groups will back Jaafari as a block.

Putin visibly irritated by Bush's lecture

And Bush pisses off Putin...very smart move there Bushie...considering that Russia could politically retaliate through arming and supporting move indeed...

All I'm going to say is that when other countries retaliate against the United States (politically, economically, even through the military arming of proxy states that the United States doesn't like), I'm going to look the other way and say, "you had it coming".

Back to Mandrake Linux

Yoper is cool and indeed fast...but very rough in its design...I had a lot of problems configuring it, and the package list for its system is very small...I prefer having the much more updated and much larger Penguin Liberation Front package access through Mandrake.

So...I'm back to Mandrake...and I missed Gnome 2.6...KDE just doesn't cut it for me.

Australian General: Iraq to be a Vietnam,10117,12356131-29277,00.html

The realization of the truth is starting to hit the leadership....right on schedule too...after 2 years of conflict....

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Trying Yoper Linux...

Well..I read about Yoper Linux ( and I'm giving it a try. I had to tinker with it...but got most of the stuff working on it. Note to the Yoper people....have the install auto-mount windows partitions...that will kill any transfer from Windows for most people.

Let's see how my updating of the blog goes with Yoper.

Pravda rips on Bush's "democracy" remarks

Pravda takes on Bush's push for democracy in Russia.

To be honest...I view Putin's regime to be authoritarian...and there's much evidence to prove that he's been centralizing power in the Kremlin and sidelining the parliaments power (or stacking it with supporters). His latest revocation of the rights of Russian voters to elect their provincial governors is just another in a long list of anti-democratic moves. On that, I think critics of the Russian democracy are right.

But...I agree with Pravda....who is Bush to come question Russia's democratic (or anti-democratic steps). Nelson Mandela can criticize Putin on democracy...Bush is another Putin.

Dean Scream was "doctored"'s a fraud

The DEAN SCREAM was a fraud...the single-most important video clip that doomed his chances to win the Democratic Party nomination was actually a doctored video clip that muted the crowd's defeaning noise around him to make him sound like a lunatic, out of context.

The Mass Media manipulated us...

Syria to "quit Lebanon"

Well...these are good news for the Lebanese people...and long overdue.

Watch President Bush take credit for it, like he took credit of Libya's decision to disarm its WMD arsenal (the product of longstanding negotiations between Libya and the EU, not U.S. pressure).

Lebanon and Saudi Arabia dismiss Western calls for Syrian pullout

Well...aren't things getting interesting in the Lebanon-Syria crisis...

U.S. going to follow Geneva Conventions in Guantanamo?

I'll believe when I see results...but it seems that the pressure from the international community has forced the U.S. to curb its behavior in Guantanamo.

The cat's out of the bag, it isn't like we are going to forget what they did there and in Abu Ghraib.

Another school teacher/intern has sex with student

Why didn't this happen to me :)

I would have appreciated an attractive intern letting me in on the rules of the sex game :)

Come to think of my school...there weren't very attractive teachers anyway...

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Sen. Reid will pursue Gannongate investigation seems that the Democrats in Congress WILL pursue an investigation of Gannongate! About damn time too...too many unanswered questions and not enough pushing to get answers.

Let's see where this investigation leads...for my part, I prophesize the outing of a lot of homosexual Republicans and hypocrites in the White House. That's the dirty secret that the Christian Right in this country has no idea about (so I think).

Voice of the White House, Feb 19th edition

The new tidbits in the mysterious Voice of the White House gossip.

Seems Karl Rove has had an affair with Jeff Gannon (James Dale Guckert)...the implication that Jeff Gannon got his access to the White House through his sexual relationship with Karl Rove. That is a plausible explanation, given the unusual way that Jeff Gannon circumvented all known procedures for entering the White House press corps, and avoiding scrutiny of his lurid background through FBI background checks. And yes...Rove is behind the leak to Novak regarding Wilson's wife, Valerie's all gossip and rumor right now...but can the bloggers keep digging? I'd like to see Rove eat what he has dished out for years...and wouldn't that be a see Rove explaining his homosexual dominatrix fetishes to the Christian Right?

Is Bush gay? The Voice clearly thinks not...

And of course, the Voice thinks Gannongate will unearth a plethora of Republican closet-gays (my suspicions seem on mark, about hypocritical gay-hating and self-hating homosexuals composing the virulently anti-gay Republican mainstead), including several governors, a Supreme Court Justice, and a "VERY PROMINENT" televangelist...(if this doesn't have Jerry Falwell written all over it, I don't know what does). It could be Pat Robertson or Dobson as well...but there's something about Jerry's clear uncomfortable dealing with the topic of homosexuality and his virulent tirades against it that signals to me "self-hating homosexual". When I see Falwell...I think Goering...another fat, twisted, closeted homosexual. We can only hope...I'd love to see his pudgy, fat face as his true self was revealed.

Anyway...consume this info at your own pace and choice...if it is true...let's hope it gets revealed. And if it is fake...we'll...isn't it fun to read political fiction to fantasize?

Pope calls homosexuality "ideology of evil"

Pope John Paul called homosexuality an "ideology of evil"....then he drooled and crapped in his Depends diapers.

Why are we listening to this man, a regular man with white clothes and a pointy hat, about the good or evil nature of particular sexual orientation?

Iraq War was deemed illegal before war, in Britain,3605,1423216,00.html

Prime Minister Blair was informed that the Iraq War could be deemed illegal...and he still pushed ahead with it.

He ignored international law, and he and President Bush should be prosecuted under it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Entrepeuner develops machine to convert waste to oil

This man claims to have a machine that can convert a whole host of things into...OIL. It can produce oil AND reduce waste...two human problems in one fell swoop!

Let's hear it for technology and Creationism didn't bring you this, did it?

Talon News plagiarizing Fox News and other sources

Not like it is any surprise to anyone...but just to further demolish Jeff Gannon's (James Dale Guckert) assertions that he was a legitimate seems his "journalistic" website engaged in wholesale, word for word, plagiarism of other conservative news sources.

So...a male gay prostitute with no journalistic school or credentials, no substantial readership, partisan connections...and plagiarism?

How did this man get into the White House...somebody's head in the White House needs to roll....

Putin shruggs off criticism of "anti-democratic" moves

Essentially telling the United States to "backoff" their pressure on his increasingly anti-democratic moves in Russia, Putin has shrugged off criticism of his policies in Russia.

U.S. violating Cuban sovereignty again?

Here goes the United States again...funding opponents of the Castro regime...and inflaming tensions between the two countries.

When will the United States learn to mind its own business?

McCain calls for permanent bases in Afghanistan

Well...seems like McCain didn't learn from his Vietnam experience to not propose and support Imperial policies. I guess he needs to relearn it...

He's supporting the creation of permenent U.S. bases in the Central Asian region. Empire, anyone?

Pakistan orders troops to fire on U.S. troops IF they cross border

Seems like Pervez Musharaff has had enough of U.S. troops violating Pakistani sovereignty in their cross-border raids into Pakistan from Afghanistan. New rules of engagement to the Pakistani army reveal that they have orders to shoot intruding U.S. troops.

This should get interesting...

U.S. Supreme Court upholds ban on sex toys

The U.S Supreme Court upheld the state's ban on sex toys...infringing into the privacy rights and sexual rights of Alabamans who desire to use sex toys in their personal, sexual affairs.

Ain't it getting nice in Christian Taliban land?

Chris Rock responds to Oscars' criticism.

This is why I love Chris Rock...even when stupid people try to hang him on frivolous, "tongue in cheek" joke comments about gay/straight men and the Oscars...he ignores the criticism and instead turns the tables on the criticizers, by pointing out that the Oscars is an elitist, unnecessary, and quite PLASTIC display of fake celebrities showing off for each other. He also gives some other nuggets of wisdom.

You tell them Chris! We regular got better things to do than find out who was with who at the Oscars...or who was dressing what.

Secession movement in Washington State?

No kidding...some of the GOP senators there, who can't accept that a recounted vote gave the win to the Democrat...wants to split the state in half.

Why be piecemeal about about seperating the Blue States from Jesusland...if you ask me...we made a mistake forcing the South to stay with us. The tension between Northern liberal values and Southern conservativism has been the dialectic that has produced everything from the Jim Crow laws, to the 1960s struggle, to the shift in policies between the Democratic and Republican parties, the struggle of affirmative action, the 1980s backlash, and the Christian Conservative revolution being undertaken today. If it weren't for the damn Red State South...the United States would have not had to go through such "growing pains". I'm kind of tired of dragging alone the South, kicking and screaming, to progressive civilization. Howsa about cutting them out already...let them keep a United States of Jesusland with Bush as their leader!

Virginia group criticizes Jefferson's religiosity!news!localnews&tacodalogin=no

Now the Founders are under attack by American Taliban groups...seems Jefferson just wasn't the devout Christian that he should have been.

Wake up Americans...even your Founding Fathers are under attack!

American Taliban gets stupider...targets Shrek!

Yep Shrek is a movie that has "subtle gay" messages.

Americans...aren't you ashamed that you put these morons in power?

Monday, February 21, 2005

Syria to pull out troops from Lebanon?,,3-1493978,00.html

I certainly hope so...the Lebanese people deserve to rule themselves without interference from any nation...including a neighboring Arab nation.

But...I hope the Bush administration does not take advantage of this situation to "stir the hornet's nest" with Syria.

Iran threats continue to fly....and the U.S. manipulated Iraq Elections?

Things are getting hotter in the rhetoric world...and it's increasingly looking like Israel and the United States are preparing for an attack on Iran. Both nations are absolutely nuts...they are going to drag Russia and other nations into a major world conflict...because the world is in no mood to accept more American adventurism. I fear for the future.

When is this attack slated for? Scott Ritter thinks June of this year is about the time...and he also has revealed that a source involved in the manipulation of the Iraq vote (to bring down the Shiite vote from 56% to 48%) told him that the United States "cooked" the results of the Iraq election. The source assured Ritter that the news will be coming out from a Pulitzer-Prize winning reporter and an article he is working on (Seymour Hersh?) keep your eyes and ears open for new information.

Top Ten Conservative Idiots, No. 187

Time again to flog those incorregible idiots from the Right...The Top Ten Conservative Idiots.

If it weren't for the fact that they rule this nation...i'd be a funny laugh.

I started work!

Good news everyone...I've started my employment (will keep it anonymous...don't want my online rantings to lead to a Gannon-like outing...although I assure that no gay escort pics are floating around the Internet). However, that means that my entries into this blog are gonna become less and I get home from work, and whenever something about the world bugs me, it will be on this blog.

Wish me luck!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Tapes of Bush comments revealed to NYT George W. Bush did marijuana...

A series of tapes of Bush speaking before his presidential campaign and during it (2000) were played to a New York Times reporter, who broke the story.

How's that for the "pure", "man of God candidate" in the White House, eh, American Taliban?

That's your candidate for you....debating whether or not his religion is "beneficial" to his campaign or not.

that's what a real Christian does...debate whether showing it is politically beneficial or not...yep...REAL Christian....

Wayne Madsen: Gannon expose leading to GOP prostitution scandal

Good ol' Madsen...count on him to give us very sketchy the past, he's lost a little credibility (with respect to his vote-rigging articles...which couldn't be substantiated).

However, in this world...who knows. Read it and get informed...he might be right.

Friday, February 18, 2005

An examination of the Pledge of Allegiance
An excellent article which describes what the Pledge of Allegiance has become.

Essentially says the same thing I said...that the Pledge has become a "seig heil" unthinking salute to Reich...rather than a thoughtful display of modest and benevolent patriotism.

Pharisee Nation

An excellent analysis between the hypocrisy and false propheteering that is the American Taliban Movement (otherwise known as American Christianity).


Raw Story is about to reveal ACLU documents obtained from the Army that detail far more widespread abuses in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This is BEYOND the Abu Ghraib cases being examined...

Keep an eye on Raw Story.


The English "Guardian" Newspaper has done a story on it.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Proof of American Nazi tactics

Do we need more proof that the United States armed forces are no different than the Nazis...except in quantity?

Quality-wise, we are humiliating, torturing, and killing at the same level as they are.

Task Force Freedom?

When did we suddenly become "Task Force Freedom"...

Freedom this...freedom that...freedom spreading, freedom on the march...FREEDOM, FREEDOM, FREEDOM....

Republicans..don't you get tired of beating that rhetorical dead horse of FREEDOM?

No one in the world actually believes we stand for freedom anymore (or ever did), and 49% of the nation is already aware of our lies...give it up.

Time for diplomacy running out...IRAN

One thing that I do like about the Bush regime is that they are predictable in their imperial war-footing...

Bush is letting us know that there is "still time" for Iran to be dealt with diplomacy. Remember when there was "still time" for Iraq diplomacy too? And how about Afghanistan...remember when there was "still time" to give up Osama?

Let's see how long this "time" last....

Civil Rights struggle continues...,1413,135~25088~2714115,00.html

It seems it's illegal and wrong to refuse random searches these days....

Fascism USA continues.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Syria and Iran joining common front

Syria and Iran joining "common front" to meet threats.

A military alliance...they are preparing for war against any aggressors.

Thanks Mr.'ve just shaken a hornet's nest!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Bracelets reveal secret society of Anorexics, Bulemics, etc.

May I offer the words of Don King...


Only in this fat, self-indulgent nation can we have anorexia, bulimia, and all the other maladies.

I adopt the Chris Rock stance on this...America is the only country to hunt on a full stomach...and only in this self-indulgent nation can we have a problem of people THROWING UP their subsistence.... the rest of the is sacred and limited...

Maryland Gov. freezes out two journalists

And a Federal Judge upholds the practice...Governors can now hand-select which journalists they will speak to...and which they won't.

Welcome to Fascist USA...where only conservative Jeff Gannon reporters are ok...and everyone else is a "biased journalist".

Cheney appoints daughter to Middle East diplomat post

Lovely how nepotism happens in America...and no one questions it.

Let Clinton appoint Chelsea Clinton to some post...and oh the fires get started!

Maya Keyes speaks out (Courtesy of Crooks and Liars)

Maya Keyes...daughter of Alan Keyes, ultra-conservative black politician, is making some of her first, taped, comments on her "coming out" as a lesbian.

It's a sad story...and I hope her parents think again about throwing her out of their house.

Bush promised ambassadorship to donor! ILLEGAL!

A Republican donor is angry that he didn't get the promised ambassadorship from President Bush, after donating money to his campaign.

I'm sorry...but if President Bush DID promise this man an ambassadorship...that's a HIGH CRIME. You cannot sell government posts!

This is WAY worse than Perjury regarding Monica Lewinsky's dick sucking...this is selling the national security and public policy of the United States to the highest campaign bidder.

Our democracy is not for sale, Mr. Bush!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Gannon story hits the fan...X-rated pics, and escort pictures of Jeff FOUND!

Well...this sordid tale seems to be reaching its climax...via a web archive that held Jeff's previous escort websites' backup pages, the world now has access to virtually all of the sordid, gay escort information on James D. Guckert (Jeff Gannon), and dozens of his "penis in the air" pictures. Enjoy...if that's your thing.

The more important question did a gay prostitute, with easily-found x-rated pictures and gay prostitution websites, fail to be captured by the United States' top intelligence agencies and end up as a reporter in the White House Press Corps?

The investigation continues

Iraq Reconstruction "Wild West"! HOT!

Whistleblowers have testified to Democrats that the Iraq Reconstruction occured in conditions of incompetence, corruption, and other characteristics that made it look like the "Wild West".

Can we hold Bush accountable to this massive policy failure in Iraq? Please!

Trouble in the Shiite lands?

Trouble in the Shiite lands? It seems that, as feared, certain Shiites want to establish "rule by the clergy", a policy supposedly opposed by the "quietist" philosophy of Ayatollah Ali Sistani. What will come of this inter-Shiite struggle between opposing forms of political rule is not known...but what is scary is the United States is inserting itself into this factional conflict...and apparently arming the "quietist" factions against the Shiite theocrats.

This seems like a sure policy of provoking civil war...we cannot control the 20% Sunni insurgency...and we are actively getting involved in the factional affairs of the 60% Shiites? That will only increase our enemies...and feed the rhetoric of the Shiite theocrat factions...who will point to the United States' political meddling as evidence of colonial designs.

The United States is playing with fire...

Voice of the White House, Latest, Feb 6th seems that we are pushing full steam ahead toward a war with Iran...although the Bush junta is too narrow-minded to see the economic shifts that are occuring in the world...I had reported on this before, the world is realigning around the Euro...and forming regional military alliances to compete with the superpower. And it seems that the rumors of increased Russian involvement in Iran are probably true...they are probably feeding Iran weapons and advisors...let's see if the United States wants to go forward.

I had said WAY BACK before the Iraq War...that if the world REALLY wanted to stop an American attack on Iraq, the Russians (and maybe with the Chinese), with the agreement of Saddam, could have sent troops and weapons to Iraq as a "tripwire", much like South Korea uses U.S. troops as a "tripwire" against North Korean aggression. Too farfetched...not so...the Chinese and Russians are slated to hold their first-ever joint military exercises in history in 2006. You think maybe the Iraq war was the last straw for Russia and see an encroaching America knocking off countries in their sphere of influence?

That would have averted the the Bush administration would have known that crossing the Iraqi border would mean war with Russia (China) as well. But...those are "what ifs" seems that with the Iranian case...the Russians are putting their bets with the Iranians to be the "Alamo" of anti-American imperialism. This is where it to speak.

Things are getting interesting allright..but scary.

Top Ten Conservative Idiots, No. 186

It's that time again...enjoy the top ten conservative idiots...and Jeff Gannon GETS IT!

U.S. mismanaged broadcast system in Iraq!

After all that virulent anti-Al-Jazeera campaign...the U.S. government uses them to train their propaganda artists in Iraq...and screw that up.

These are the stories that will forever cement the reality that the United States SCREWED UP big-time in Iraq.

And if that doesn't do it for about this article in the Washington Post, in which they clearly point out that, after 2 years of invasion and occupation, the government that gets elected in Iraq is the one the United States LEAST wanted to see there (an Islamist, pro-Iran government).

So...was this war worth it? American soldiers died and our money was wasted to put in a government that we didn't want? Not to say that we should be deciding the affairs of others....but...if this is the outcome...perhaps we shouldn't have gone in the first place.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Buchanan says "our interventionism" caused 9/11

He's a xenophobic, ultra-conservative...but at least he's not dumb like the neocons...and he's right on this issue.

Watch the video here. (courtesy of Crooks and Liars)

U.S. army engaging in propaganda in KirKuk

Now...this is funny...and absurd.

We are stooping to painting fake backdrops to try to get legitimacy from the Iraqi people in Kirkuk? This is like Soviet propaganda...

This is gonna look great in the history day Americans will laugh at the idiocy of their ancestors during the Iraq War.

juan Cole on the Iraqi Election Results

Juan Cole on the Iraqi Election Results...good stuff.

Chile's Privatized Social Security System: Model for the Republicans?,0,5035829.story?coll=la-home-business

A very important article on the ongoing Social Security debate...I had read about Paul Krugman talking about the faults of the Chilean system before...but it's good to be able to link to these articles.

Privatized Social Security is a BAD thing...

Pentagon covering up failures in recruiting Security Forces

Pentagon's lying about the number of Iraqi Security Forces it has anyone surprised?

Our situation in Iraq is worse than we think it is...

Freeper purge in process

The rival Free discussion groups are undergoing a purge...nice to see what Republicans are all about (Porter Goss, anyone) when they are in power...purges, cutting down on dissidents, harrassing "non patriots", stifling free speech, shoving down Christian Taliban rhetoric down our throats, etc.

It's much nicer at DemocraticUnderground...though the moderators there ban people too...but usually for being disrespectful or other normal Republican tactics.

Robert Mugabe calls Rice a "slave" to the white man,,2-11-1662_1661221,00.html

Funny how Africans view Condoleeza Rice. Granted...Mugabe is not the best judge of character himself...but on this occasion, I think his views on Rice match perfectly with the majority view of African-Americans. can start labeling Mugabe an "anti Republican black" black man. I'm sure he'll care about that distinction....

And Rice IS a sellout liar...

Boston Globe: Bush Cuts hurt Blue States

Ah...starve the dissident provinces, eh? That's the strategy? The regions of the country were resources are taken the most out...where our cultural, intellectual, and economic production is the highest...let's take their state resources away...why? Because they voted Democrat.

Such is the irresponsible and petty thinking of the President of the United States.

U.S. spying on Iran with drone planes
Isn't this a violation of Iran's airspace and an unnecessary provocation towards war? Would we like it done to us?

Americans...when you ask "Why Do They Hate Us?", remember this. Remember the thousands of times that we repeatedly violate international norms and the sovereignty of other nations "because we can...and they can't". That leads toward hate against the U.S....and ultimately terrorism.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

just a dumb, maintenance post

I switched to MandrakeLinux 10.1...Suse was nice...but I wanted to try Gnome and some of the themes for it. Mandrake recognized all my hardware...and so far I got XMMS (MP3 player), MPlayer (Media Player), Mozilla Firefox, Gaim, OpenOffice, Kh3b, and other essential software to work perfectly.

If I can get my scanner/printer Lexmark 1150 and my digital camera to work...I'm officially abandoning Windows for everything except gaming.

Come on Linux nerds! Develop a compatibility layer for Windows (Wine is just not there yet).

Tsunami aid not useful in Sri Lanka

Who wants to guess from WHAT country the winter jackets and soccer cleats are from?

U.N. rights concern rebuffed by U.S.

Oh...and we trust those "internal investigations" don't we?

CIA "assets" outed in Iran; executed,0,5143074.story?coll=la-home-headlines

Great....nice job there CIA! Very good intelligence work!

/sarcasm off.

Friday, February 11, 2005

37 die in U.S. detainee camps because of torture

37 people died under torture in U.S. detainee centers...

Um...war crimes tribunal, anyone?

Scientists were told to alter findings,0,4954654.story?coll=la-home-nation

There you go...MORE GOVERNMENT LYING...about scientific findings.

Be proud of your Bush now, Republican SUCKERS.

Peru to give state handouts to the poor

Look at that...a government ACTUALLY concerned with the welfare of its own people. Peru to give out state handouts to DIRT POOR citizens.

But...that would be....SOCIALISM...GASP!

Condoleeza Rice found to have lied about Al-Qaeda: Memo,5478,12216311%5E401,00.html

Guess what...CondiLIAR Rice DID's the memo to prove she was warned of Al-Qaeda prior to 9/11.

And she's Secretary of State....can we get her to resign, please? Liars should not be in a position of power.

Weird Electric event...

Yesterday, something weird happened...I'm typing away at the blog at 10:00 P.M...and the energy of the house leaves all together...except for one roof lamp/fan, which remains on. Everything in the house...not getting juice. I go to sleep, grumbling about the house...and determined to go seek the landlord the next morning.

The next morning, I call the electric company...they say everything's fine. I go downstairs to the fuse box to see if there is need of a new fuse...and voila...our floor is "turned off". I flip the switch...and the house has energy again. The landlord and her children know nothing...they say some "electric" guys came around yesterday...and maybe one of them did it.

How's that for a scary delinquency in my service, no problems with my electric account...but electric guys go down to the basement and flip it off?

It's getting REAL weird in Bush's America...

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Iraq Insurgents seem to have anti-aircraft systems from Russia

In what seems to be an eerie repeat of the "Stinger" missiles importance in the Afghanistan War (first war...against the Soviets)...the insurgents in Iraq are using Russian made anti-aircraft weapons to take down American airborne vehicles (helicopters and planes). All students of the first Afghani War know that one of the turning points of the war (in favor of the Mujahedeen) was the introduction of U.S. made "stinger" missiles...which severely hurt the Russian airforce vehicles.

Could history be repeating itself in Iraq...except the Russians are now the ones supplying the weaponry and the Americans suffering the consequences?

Sen. Lautenberg requests all White House documents on Gannon

Ok...the kid gloves are off...we all had a good laugh at the absolute disaster of "dirty laundry" that follows Jeff Gannon (James Dale Guckert)...but now it's time to get serious. We want to know how this guy got into the press corps, who gave him press passes, did the White House have any other connections with him, etc.

Sen. Lautenberg is requesting all official's time to dig hard...because after 3 other journalists come out to being paid by the Bush administration to do propaganda for them, and the Pentagon is caught paying for a website to disseminate news, and now Gannon...we are pissed off. A pattern of propaganda and manipulation of information has come out...and that's not the way we like things in our democracy.

I hope the Democrats sink their teeth into this...don't let the White House get away with manipulating Americans' viewpoints with propaganda. We don't want to be Nazi Germany.

Republican radio personality in groping scandal

The continuation of scandals from Republicans just keep coming...first Armstrong Williams, then two other journalists being media whores for the Bush administration...then, who could forget gay escort pimp/journalist "Jeff Gannon"...and now this guy?

And THEY purport to impose their "moral values" on the rest of us? No thank you...I'd rather enjoy the Constitution's freedom of speech and neutrality on social issues...we'll all live better if we "live and let live".

Jeff Gannon (James Dale Guckert) is a TAX CHEAT

Jeff Gannon (real name: James Dale Guckert), the GOP-allied pseudo-journalist that recently was forced to resign his White House Press Corps place for his nefarious credentials and gay website also a TAX CHEAT.'s just too easy...make it a little harder for the blogosphere to rip your phony, propagandistic ass, Guckert!

So you are a gay male escort pimp...with no press credentials...and you don't pay your taxes? Sounds like someone who has no legitimacy to gripe about ANYTHING in society...given that you don't pay your taxes...

Do us all a favor...dig a hole...put yourself in it...and don't let us hear about you a life of obscurity from no on...

Women rips off man's testicle in sex-denial rage

I'm sorry...but two and half years is not LONG enough for this woman mutilating a man...the emotional pain and suffering ALONE will be horrendous for this man.

Because he wouldn't give her sex? HARD is it for women to get men to have sex with them these days?

If she really was that horny...why didn't she walk down to the neighborhood bar and start flirting with guys?


Judge caught masturbating through trials

It just doesn't get any better than this, folks...

A judge...masturbating himself with a penis open court, DURING trials...the jurors and lawyers kept hearing "whooshing" noises....

Oh my god...Jesus...what a damn freak...can't you wait until the trial is over!

Walmart closes only unionized store

Ah...the smell of capitalist bacon in the morning...

Longtime arch-capitalist franchise, Walmart, to close down the ONLY store in which employees are unionized, in Quebec.'s the logic...if workers decide they want to unionize to protect their rights and interests...that's intolerable...and the store must be closed.

Put that next in one of your "everyone's happy and smiling" commercials, Walmart.

Males in Saudi Arabia voting; females banned

Males voting in Saudi Arabia....sigh....

I would feel so ashamed of the nature of the system, that women can't vote...that I wouldn't vote in protest.

But..hey...not my Saudi Arabians need to handle their business...we shouldn't go over and bomb them to force them to do it.

See the difference, Bush?

Right-Wingers tear up political protest at private residence

Remember the couple who protested the war with a likeness of a soldier being hanged on a noose? Well...right-wingers tore it right-wing actually admitted to preparing his pickup truck with a ladder to go over to the private property residence of the Pearcys to bring it down...but by the time he got there..someone already had brought it down.

And where the hell was the police? I'd say the Pearcys need to be real careful...some maniacs are out there...and next time, they might do more than just rip down the protest...

Anytime now...white-hooded men riding horses with flaming's happening again.

Video footage of Ward Churchill speech at CU

Bush's approval gain at the polls BOGUS!

It seems that now they are manufacturing BOGUS poll results as well...Bush didn't get no approval gain in his standing...they just asked 9% more Republicans.

Nothing like fascist propaganda in your face...

FBI NOW looking into OHIO Fraud

NOW the FBI is investigating the Ohio Fraud charges?

A little too late...morons!

Virginia State House approves underwear display ban

Are you FUCKING kidding me...the Virginia State House has approved this bill?

Goddamn these thing they will do is ban Elvis and rock 'n' roll for making people want to dance!


Alabama senators introducing Christian Taliban bills

More American Taliban stuff....

Alabama state Senators are introducing bills to MANDATE the Ten Commandments to be displayed in every school...and that each school day begin with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Nice to live in "free" let's get back to Seig Heiling to the Flag and the Republic...and displaying a list of commandments that we ignore every day by killing people in foreign lands. Got to love hipocrisy, no?

NYT: More than 52 warnings of 9/11 PRIOR to 9/11

Eat your heart out...CondiLIAR Rice...The New York Times is reporting that the Bush administration is refusing to declassify parts of the 9/11 Commission Report which detail that at least 52 warnings prior to 9/11 spoke of airline hijackings.

In simple terms...MORE EVIDENCE that Sept. 11th was avoidable...and that it's occurence constitutes a flagrant act of criminal negligence by the Bush Administration.

Impeachment, anyone?

MAJOR Corporate-Iraq scandal in the works....

In what could potentially be the most explosive story of official corruption in the financial dealings between U.S. corporations, the Coalition Provisional Authority, and U.S. taxpayer money....several Democratic legislators are lining up a series of whistleblowers who will testify that the companies DELIBERATELY overbilled the United States.

Hey...Fox News conservatives...drop that boring U.N. Oil For Food scandal...we got one of our OWN for you to cover! Or are you UNFAIR and UNBALANCED?

North Korea official announces it has nukes's official...North Korea has nukes...

They give a reason..."to protect against an evermore hostile U.S."

Can we blame them? Iraq taught the entire world a lesson...if you don't have a way to keep the U.S. off your back...they will feel no remorse in bombing you.

I hope North Korea doesn't do anything bad with the nukes...but I really can't blame them for desiring them for self-defense...the U.S. didn't really help the situation.

Now...what I really love is Condoliar Rice's comments...

"The North Koreans have been told by the president of the United States that the United States has no intention of attacking or invading North Korea,” Rice said in Luxembourg. “There is a path for the North Koreans that would put them in a more reasonable relationship with the rest of the world.”

Oh yeah...and the word of the "President" actually means anything these days....give me a damn break...ask Saddam how trustworthy the word of President Bush is....because initially, we had no plans to go to war...then he had WMDs and he was a threat...then the U.N. was gonna investigate...then the U.N. was pulled out abruptly...then we bombed them...then no WMDs....and the invasion was about democracy in Iraq? Let me know where I lost you...I know I was confused too...until I figured it out. The President LIES.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I'm Ready to Die

An excellent introduction in the mindset of the Christian Taliban in America.

Of course they don't care about what happens on Earth...they fear the next world...thus everything they do hear is irrelevant..unless it serves their purposes for the next.

Pakistan gives money to Al-Qaeda

Well...isn't this story peachy?

Anyone else thinks that Pakistan is as much as an ally as Saudi Arabia (which is to say...not an ally at all...but a parasite).

China and Russia announce new alliances

The ending paragraph is ominous....they intend to build a military alliance and a G7-like economic agreement, where they will have Brazil and India join (maybe Venezuela too?)

The world is balance of power is forming...U.S. alliance (with Western countries) against a new bloc...the Sino-Russian bloc, with Asian allies and assorted anti-U.S. countries.

The fault line: U.S. Imperialists vs. Anti-U.S. Resisters.

U.S. to modernize Poland's army

While Bush gives us the most lean/mean domestic budget ever...and people in the U.S. will suffer because of it...we are modernizing OTHER countries' militaries....

Keep voting Republican....American suckers!

Ward Churchill speaks to 1,000 studens at CU

well...the professor finally spoke...and by all accounts, no killings, no threats, and no protests.

So much for CU's "security concerns"....

The war on free speech continues...but this battle was won for the good guys

Bush calls for end to racism - Vomit alert!

Hypocrisy alert? Bush calling for an end to racism? According to his narrow vision of's just about laws barring people from services based on the color of someone's skin. There's no racism in institutional racism? No racism in bombing brown people abroad? No racism in ignoring an entire people's political wishes by appointing 2 black people (Powell, Rice) which have been almost universally derided in their own community?

I'd say there is plenty to discredit Bush's legitimacy to act on the issue of racism...thanks but no thanks...we'll wait for a different President to tackle this issue at the Presidential level....we don't trust you.

Restrictions on clothing occuring in Virginia

More Christian Taliban legislation guessed it, Old Virginy...(Virginia). The land of Jerry Falwell...except the perpetrators of the legislation are BLACK DEMOCRATS!

You can't legislate people's fashion...just like you can't legislate hairstyles...Showing genitals is lewd...but showing an inch of underwear is a style...give it up, Taliban police!

Iran to establish new oil market; isolate U.S.

You know...Iran is really asking for the U.S. to go batshit....but anyway...Iran's a sovereign country and countries should be able to do business with whatever terms and partners they wish...the U.S. dominated oil market shouldn't be the only one...and it's about time the world gave the U.S. the cold shoulder.

Couple protests war with a political statement

In a daring political statement...a couple has placed a soldier's uniform in a noose, with a sign that says "Your tax dollars at work", hanging from the roof of their home.

Predictably, the uber-patriot community has not understood the message, and is angry about the "disrespect" it shows.

Message to the uber patriots: the couple is criticism the government and neocon war in Iraq...not the soldiers!

O'Reilly caught yet again lying on his background

Yet another O'Reilly lie...why does this guy still have a show?

It's so weird...before 2001...these fools were on the receiving end of ridicule (as they should)...suddenly...9/11...and it's Bizzaro World...what the hell is going on?

Alabama Lawmaker proposes Gay Book Ban

This man is trying to stifle my freedom to read whatever I want...there is freedom of the press and speech in this country, Red State boy!

We will fight you all the way are you gonna take our rights, you Christian Taliban loonie!

Taking on the American Taliban

An excellent, professorial exhortation to battle...against the American Taliban.

I'm in, Professor...I'll keep fighting in my trench...and I'll do my best to educate others around me.

Jeff Gannon story continues...

Even Conservatives are going through the released evidence and coming to the same conclusions...Gannon is James Dale Guckert, a former member of a Pennsylvania University who is gay, runs gay military escort websites, has fraudulent press credentials...and somehow ended inside the White House Press Corps.

The real questions is...HOW? How did this obviously unfit man enter the press corps? Keep digging...blogosphere!

Update: More dirty links...Talon News DIRECTLY linked to GOPUSA (we already knew that Gannon was a former GOPUSA activist...but's DIRECTLY LINKED...with IP address linkages to prove it. There goes Talon News "objectiveness"!)

Jeff Gannon resigns...and more creepy stuff on him seems that the blogosphere's investigation of Jeff Gannon's background has sullied his reputation with the White House. He has resigned his position the White House.

What really angers me is that "Jeff" has written a whole host of articles defending Republicans on their "anti gay marriage" agenda...yet he himself is gay! I mean...the guy is registering "gay escort" domains on the Internet, takes a picture of himself in a "pseudo David" pose in his underwear...but he is straight? Give me a break!

Which brings up another point...I've often thought that the virulent anti-gay rhetoric of Republicans is usually related to them being closet gays themselves and not being able to admit it to themselves. This Jeff Gannon scandal doesn't help...and anyone else remember that story about Reagan and Bush I's male escort services for White House Staff? Take a look here. Entry #June 29th.

Something fishy is going on...I believe there is some seedy, underground, homosexual network of escorts and drag-queen events set up for Washington's Republican elites in Congress and the White House...and that this Jeff Gannon expose is but the tip of the iceberg....who knows...maybe I'm just being paranoid...but I've always had that nagging feeling that the more virulent a man is about homosexuality...the more likely he is a homosexual himself. And wouldn't that be a MAJOR EXPOSE...that self-hating, Republican homosexuals are the most active members of the anti-gay movement in America? Wouldn't that shock the "Christians" in this country to the core?

27 year old elementary school teacher has sex with 13 year old

Why do these incidents don't happen to me? :)

Another teacher has sex with a 13 year old...

What's wrong with this teacher that she can't get a man her own age (27)? I mean...she's not ugly...what's the deal?

Update: Apparently, she was married for 11 months, but her man filed for divorce (shit, I would I too!)

I just want to send a message to her husband, if he ever reads this...remember this, my's NOT YOU. It never was about you. You're probably thinking that, in some way or another, she went with this kid because you were deficient in some way in your marital life. It's NOT YOU. Ask could a 13 year old possibly be better, in any possible way, than a 27 year old? It's simply not possible, by experience. If your woman cheated on you with an older man, then maybe that was an issue...but we're talking about a 13 year old boy. So...that evidences that Mrs. Turner had her own emotional problems...and that her sleeping with this boy had nothing to do you or your prowess in any part of your marital life. Don't get hard on yourself. You did the right thing...divorce this lady, move on with your life, and enjoy the many relationships that are sure to come your way. You are just an innocent bystander affected by this woman's emotional/sexual pedophiliac lusts for young boys. Some advice from someone who sympathizes with your position.

U.S. pressing Iran with U.N. action threats

More American arrogance....demanding that Iran "live up to its international obligations", but conveniently forgetting that the U.S. has its own international obligations that it doesn't live to. What was it that Jesus said about throwing stones in glasses houses.

Leave Iran alone...they haven't had a single aggressive war in centuries...that's more than can be said about the United States...

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Ward Churchill And The Imminent Destruction of American Higher Education

An Excellent article analysing the Ward Churchill case and the ongoing destruction of higher education in this country.

Particularly important is the contrast to 1930s Germany and how the Nazis also subverted their higher education to fit the Nazi programme. Is this not what David Horowitz and other campus right-wing groups do? Demonize the left and all professors who as to produce a situation where only "acceptable" professors are in higher education?

The dumbing down of American continues....

Ward Churchill speech at CU cancelled,1413,36~53~2698562,00.html

This is life in America for intellectuals that challenge the prevailing insanity of rationales for 9/11. Now he can't even speak at Colorado University...all because of "death threats".

What's worse...that the University is using the "death threats" as an excuse to stifle his free speech, or that Ward is getting death threats for simply putting pen to the land of the unfree and the home of the cowardly (unless we can use our Nintendo weapons from a distance), this is what happens to people who actually exercise their 1st Amendment rights.

The 1st Amendment becomes meaningless if one cannot use it for fear of reprisals. That's what the German Nazi brownshirts did too...beat up and threaten those that opposed the National Socialists....that's you guys, Republicans. You are America's Brownshirts.

UPDATE: Ward is going to federal court to sue the University for cancelling the speech...good for him. It's about time we start fighting back to those that wish to stifle free speech. Read it here.

Female Penguins brought to Gay Penguins to tempt them

well...look at that....GAY PENGUINS....who would have known?

Does this finally prove that homosexuality is genetic and not a "lifestyle choice"...I hardly think that penguins have the ability to "choose" a "lifestyle".

Chechen Rebels May Have Nukes

Doesn't it make you feel safe to know the Chechen rebels possibly have a NUKE!

I wouldn't visit Russia for a while....and just in case people doubt the existence of "suitcase nukes", there's a nice picture on the page too.

White House "fake" reporter Jeff Gannon found to be registering gay websites

It seems that the infamous Jeff Gannon, the White House press corp "reporter" that was unmasked as being a member of GOPUSA and other Republican associations, has also been registering various websites under his real name, Jim Gureck. And guess what? some of these websites are about MALE MILITARY ESCORTS (as in GAY ESCORT SERVICES).

Controversy brewing....and in case you might be skeptical, there is a photo of "jeff Gannon" (verifiable by contrasting the picture on DU with the one at Jeff that shows "Jeff Gannon" (Jim Gureck) in a gay-seductive pose in his underwear....

A little kinky for a White House Press reporter, eh?


More leaks...this is Jim D. Guckert (sorry for mispelling the first time) AOL Contrast the picture of Jim ("Jeff Gannon") with this picture of "Jeff Gannon" at Particularly THIS photo. CONFIRMED.... "Jeff Gannon" is really Jim D. Guckert...a Republican activist masquerading as "objective" White House reporter...and this after 3 other journalists have been leaked in the past months to have been getting paid with taxpayer dollars to promote the Bush agenda. Official government propaganda, being passed around as "journalism".

More background on "Jeff Gannon" seems he is James Dale Guckert (full name).

Voice of the White House entries - Latest

Voice of the White House entries (sorry, I forgot to post)

Feb 1th
Feb 5th


Iraq deposits 5 Billion in U.S. Reserve

Two questions...why with the palpable anger of the majority of the Iraqis with the United States is the government placing the money of the Iraqi people in the U.S. reserve? I highly doubt Iraqis want their finances to be part of the American financial system.

The second question: Why would the Iraqi government want to invest its Dinars in Dollars, given the decline of the U.S. dollar and the recent, very public transition from the dollar to the euro on the part of various countries (China, Russia, etc.)

This does not sound like a sovereign decision by the Iraqi people...this sound like the United States is using the existence of the occupation to force the interim, un-elected government to give the money of Iraqis to the U.S. reserve

Anyone thinks it's suspicious that it happens BEFORE a nationally-elected Iraqi government is in place?

I smell THEFT!

New York federal budget slashed!

In what seems to be retaliation for "being a leading blue state", New York is being severely underfunded as a result of Bush's outrageously lean federal budget.

I think it's hightime for the Blue States to secede....can someone please get the process started? I know thousands of people are just waiting to see some movement burgeoning to join it.

Christians try to export anti-gay marriage measures to Canada

The Christian Taliban is trying to export their bigotry and insanity on the issue of gay marriage to our neighbors to the North...and they are not buying it.

Stay strong, Canada...our hopes and prayers are with you that you do not follow down our Christianofascist and Imperial path.

States backing away from donor pledges to Tsunami Aid,15671,1408047,00.html

I had a feeling this would happen...everyone loves looking generous when the cameras are in your face...but when everyone forgets the the wriggle out of actually paying.


Michigan anti-gay groups move to attack same-sex benefits in public schools

I've been saying it for a long time...the Christian Taliban in the United States is not anti-gay marriage...if it were, they'd be satisfied with their inhuman victories at the polls. Now, they are moving to Stage 2 of their plan...remove all benefits from gays. gays...after that Gay final solution...get it?

They are not anti-gay marriage, they are anti-gays. They are moving slowly but surely, using the institutions of the State (polls, judicial branch, Congress, etc.) to pass their anti-gay legislation.

Instead of minding their business, they are actively working to TAKE AWAY benefits from other people...and people like that should be condemned.

Goering suicide pill given to him by U.S. guard

An interesting historical tidbit...Goering's suicide pill was given to him by a U.S. guard.

Hmmm....i guess this sets the record straight.

British pilot delivers pizza to his GF on a helicopter! WHAT?

Only in these crazy times is this not something that just makes you guy, "HUH?"

A British helicopter pilot used a combat helicopter in Iraq to deliver pizza to his girlfriend...30 miles away in Iraq.


Kazaa logging user downloads...BOYCOTT KAZAA

Avoid Kazaa like the Bubonic Plague!

If you must use the Kazaa network...use Kazaa Lite Tools, or Kazaa Lite Revolution, or any of the other derivatives of the Kazaa Lite family of alternative, non-Kazaa, non-Kazaa spyware, programs.

This is what happens when File sharing programs go commercial...they adopt all the bad traits of commercial companies.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Bush to destroy domestic budgets,1,6972040.story?coll=chi-newsnationworld-hed

Where is the outrage from the American public? The man is stealing your money...wasting it on foreign wars...and it's ok with you?

Only with the Rapture (armaggedon-anxious) Christianofascists. They don't care...they think Jesus is coming...and the rest of us are coming along for the ride

The World is Dying

Aside from the moral and political reasons for why I am anti-capitalist...this, in a nutshell, is why I think that it is not just a moral/political imperative, but THE TOP PRIORITY to switch our current way of policy-making, based on the bottom-line of profit. In essence, the capitalism of old is simply not viable.

Or we adopt a socialist economy based on fair distribution of our natural resources and use of renewable, non-polluting energy sources...or WE DIE.

Simple as that.

Juan Cole demolishes Cheney's assertions on Iraq

As always, the excellent Juan Cole completely demolishes the Bush propaganda with rationally argued observations and footnoted arguments.

Theocracy in Iraq? You betcha...

Creationism continues to make gains on Evolution,12271,1407422,00.html

Do what you wish, America...but please spare me the impassioned defense of the intelligence level of regular Americans. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

If creationism becomes a norm in even part of America...we might as well Americans a troglodyte people.

U.S to quadruple ammo production,1,4940194.story?coll=chi-news-hed

Don't let anyone tell you that Bush has not embroiled us in HEAVY quagmires overseas...the proof is in the pudding...or in this case, in our depleting ammo stockpiles. And now we are gonna produce 4 times what we've produced before.

Welcome to the consequences of Bush imperial foreign policy.

Churchill speaks on the past weeks

Churchill writes on the public lynching he has received in the past weeks. Get it straight from the source...avoid the Republican hype.

More commentary on Ward Churchill

More commentary on Ward Churchill, by Kurt Nimmo.

Bush foreign policy guided by American Taliban,perlstein,53582,1.html

This is an oldie but a goodie...a leaked email in which the Bush administration regularly consults with radical "Christian" rapture activists (those that believe in the coming armaggedon and second coming of Christ). Apparently, U.S. policy on Israel is guided by whether or not these rapture activists believe it advances the cause of Christ's second coming.

In other words...theocracy rules our foreign policy. And we were attacking Iran for being a theocratic state.....

Welcome to Christianofascist America.

Aid to the Palestinian Authority given to Israel

A portion of the money promised to the Palestinian Authority is actually going to Israel, Haaretz reports...

that's like someone promising me money...and giving it to my enemy.

Put this one up with the lie of "aiding Africa" in the first State of the Union address...what became of the billions to help Africa, Mr. Bush?

Gen. Boydkin to lead new Pentagon initiative

New Pentagon intelligence initiative to be headed by religious lunatic, Gen. Boydkin.

CIA has been downgraded and intelligence centralized in the Pentagon, where the neoconservatives in the U.S. administration reside.

Welcome to fascist, police-state U.S.A.

Condi is ....SMILING a lot

Is it just me, or have the latest pictures on regarding Condoleeza Rice in the Mid East featured her sporting a very Cheshire Cat smile?

Whatever happened to Poker Face Rice?

Something weird is going on? Maybe somebody told her that as Secretary of State, she couldn't be a calculating, heartless bitch...and that she had to give the impression of being "diplomatic". Emphasis on "giving the impression"...

No matter....Rice is always gonna be a lying scoundrel since her testimony in congress post 9/11...and she'll never gain my trust.

VP Cheney's comments DIRECTLY contradicted

While "heartattack" Cheney is telling us that he "doesn't see an Iraqi theocracy", an ACTUAL LEADING Grand Ayatollah in Iraq is specifically saying that "seperation of church and state should be rejected". And, in this situation, this Shiite theocrat is a high member of the Shiite United Iraqi Alliance that just won the Iraqi elections and will shape Iraq's constitution. Cheney is just the VP of the United States, and will have no chance to influence Iraq's constitution. So...whose vision of Iraq is going to go forward? RIIIGGGGHHTT....... just got lying sack of....

Update: Another article on the subject...this time...ALI SISTANI is joining the call for Islam to be the sole source of legislation...forget Western concepts of "the right of men (and women)"...ISLAM is to be the SOLE SOURCE of legislation.

Way to go Bush...another theocracy...and 1400+ soldiers, 10,000 wounded, and 300 billion wasted for it. What a tradeoff!

The Top Ten Conservative Idiots, vol. 185

It's time again to analyze conservatives...and see through the bullshit that they spew.

Good stuff!

Abu Ghraib gets worse...Time magazine reveals.,9171,1025139,00.html

Well, well...Abu Ghraib gets even doctors were used to inflict distress on prisoners, and NON-DOCTORS were performing amputations....

Last time I heard about medical dimensions to torture, it was hearing about the Nazi doctors experimenting on Jews.

Is that where America has fallen?

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Iran attack plans finalized

b..b..b..But I thought Condoleeza Rice said that an Iran attack was not in the works? LIAR AGAIN.

Attacking Iran would be a big mistake...we couldn't handle a small Sunni insurgency, we won't be able to handle a war with Iran, especially on equally illegal footing (blowing up the nuclear facilities of another nation is illegal under international law and a violation of their sovereignty.

The American Empire continues to ignore the law...

80 McDonalds ordered closed by Venezuela

Good...if you are going to do business in a foreign country, play by their rules and be fair in the tax revenue you owe them.

Good for Venezuela.

The New Iraq: A look at Sistani

Great, Mr. Bush. This is what you have brought to Iraq....women's rights? Yes..they can vote...but don't you think of shaking hands with men outside your family, or dancing to music for entertainment, or playing chess, that Arabic-derived international game of strategy.

Still, however, Mr. Sistani has an interesting approach to Islam and seems he is trying to craft a middle point...which is better than can be said about Iran, Taliban Afghanistan, or Wahhabi Saudi least Sistani does not dispute democracy as a desirable governmental principle.

Time will tell what Iraq looks like...

Russia to decouple from dollar; use Euro

This is not good news...when Russia and China both announce that they will trade in Euros, and they both hold finance major chunks of the American debt, you can bet that the American economy is gonna suffer. Add to that the fact that China and Russia will have their first joint military exercises in 2006, and you know where this is headed.

The rest of the world has tired of the American empire...and they are preparing to economically and militarily bring it down to size....

Photos leaked of U.S. Army soldiers behaving like a Girls Gone Wild video

More "rotten apples"...soldiers near the Kuwaiti border are photographed to be indulging in semi-naked mud wrestling...for the benefit of the cheering male crowd.

What is this...a noble army or Girls Gone Wild?

Is anyone really surprised that when you inflame and train human beings to develop and strengthen their most inhumane tendencies (to kill and not feel remorse), that this will not also develop the most unsavory traits in human beings? You get what you train....emotionally and morally sub-human beings, trained to be killing machines. Killing drones, if you will. Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and now "Camp Crazy"...all part of the same systemic army plague.

Behold America...YOUR army. This will REALLY go well with the Muslim world...nothing like showing American sexual decadence to really get the Muslims on your side. Thanks for representing us so greatly and nobly, American soldiers!

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Sunni clerics offer to calm insurgency in exchange for withdrawal timetable's a Golden opportunity for the Chimp In Chief, George W. Bush, to see the end of the Sunni insurgency. Sunni clerics, with influence in Sunni communities, are offering to join with the Shiites and Kurds in working toward the new Iraqi constitution...PROVIDED that the United States announces a timetable for withdrawal.

A U.S. pledge of withdrawal for Sunni promises to calm down the insurgency...what's it gonna be, U.S.?

Knowing Bush...he'd rather let the insurgency rage on in order to keep U.S. troops in Iraq....

Ward Churchilll offers interview

Ward Churchilll speaks on TV interview.

Friday, February 04, 2005

NYT knew about Bush cheating on Prez. Debates.

We said it! WE SAID IT! George W. Bush was using an earpiece during the debates...and was cheating...and the New York Times SAT on the story so as to not change the election (when they knew that the outcome would probably change the election).

There's your free press at work, folks. And there's YOUR President!

Military propagandizing...NO KIDDING

No...i'm not just hurling the usual Leftist suspicion...we know the military uses the corporate mass media through informal means of propaganda persuasion...and while that could be called propaganda, that's not what I'm talking about.

I'm talking about a DIRECT LINK between the government and a media source...State Media...German Nazi style propaganda.

The Pentagon is PAYING (with your tax dollars) journalists to sell American foreign policy on a website.

And this is the 4th story to come out regarding official government agencies paying right-wing commentators to "write stories" in favor of government initiatives...with TAX DOLLARS.

Can anyone say CORRUPTION? Can anyone say PROPAGANDA? This is not acceptable, folks. We should raise hell about this.

Comic Relief: Star Wars 3 spoof

The best star wars spoof I've ever seen...some comic relief amidst the constant barrage of news and stupidities that happen in the world these days.

Ward Churchill WITCHHUNT continues

Ward Churchill is getting witch-hunted by the Right...let's give this one the analytical treatment...

Interim Chancellor Phil DiStefano ordered a 30-day review of Ward Churchill's speeches and writings to determine if the professor overstepped his boundaries of academic freedom and whether that should be grounds for dismissal.

What boundaries on academic freedom? Some thoughts...

1) Freedom of Speech has very large boundaries. There is nothing in Ward's essay (here) that crosses the boundaries set forth by the Supreme Court (such as advocating hate, threatening the President, or inciting to riot, stuff like that). Arguably the most inflammatory remark was his likening of WTC victims as "little Eichmanns". The simple-minded in the nation extrapolated that as him referring to WTC victims as Nazis...but what he meant was that the technocrats in the WTC (members of the financial heart of the United States) were "facilitators" of the American military machine, and thus legitimate targets of military attack. You can read his response to critics here. He clearly explains that the United States regularly bombs economic targets in other nations, and that the non-technocrats inside the WTC (janitors, menial workers, etc.) were "collateral damage", as the U.S. labels all that die as a result of their "intended target attacks". He makes it clear in his response that although it's painful and shameful...that he's adopting the very same type of rhetoric and rationale used regularly by the United States. Seen in THAT context...his reference to "little Eichmanns" becomes understandable...and the inflammatory likening to "Nazis" is reduced. Indeed...technocrats of the American Empire are no better than technocrats of the Nazi Reich...and if the U.S. bombed economic targets of Nazi Germany, why is it illegal for terrorists to bomb OUR economic targets? Consistency please.

Also Thursday, the Board of Regents issued an apology for Churchill's remarks at a meeting and voted to support the university's review of Churchill.

Who gave them the right to apologize for Ward Churchill's remarks? Ward Churchill wrote those words...not the University he works for. It was not written as the product of University was not written as an official essay commissioned by the University. Why is his place of work (which is seperate from his independent intellectual production) issuing apologies for his work and acting as if they have some oversight power over his intellectual production? Ward Churchill is not an appendage of the University...he simply works there. It's insulting to see these anti-freedom of speech activists APOLOGIZE for another man's remarks, without giving that man the chance to make his own declarations. Ward Churchilll wrote the essay, and wrote a response to his critics...he has no need to apologize simply because the prevailing political winds are against his views. That is his right, as an American citizen....his comments are controversial...but controversial precisely because they highlight a taboo in our society (speaking about how the Sept. 11th attacks were the consequences of decades of imperial foreign policies).

His essay is entitled "Some people push back"...and 9/11 was that push. While American Republicans will attempt to witchhunt this man for those statements (as they witchhunted Malcolm X), the truth of the matter is that the United States has many unresolved vendetta debts with various peoples and countries of the world. Instead of Middle Eastern terrorists, it could have been Nicaraguan guerrillas striking back for the Contra War in the 1980s. It could have been Dominicans angry about the overthrow of Juan Bosch's regime in 1960. It could have been Guatemalans angry about the CIA overthrow of Juan Arbenz. It could have been Grenadans angry about the Grenada invasion in the 1980s. It could have been Chileans angry about CIA involvement in the Pinochet coup. It could have been the Vietnamese, extracting retribution for 3 million deaths and the illegal invasion of their territory. It could have been Mexico, extracting the debts piled up from the robbery of half of its territory after the Mexican War. It could have been the people of Guam, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico, all who have been colonized territories of the United States. It could have been the Cubans, for the repeated biological attacks on their agriculture, economic embargoes, political aggravation, and the Bay of Pigs invasion attempt. It could be the Palestinians who rightly point at the billions of dollars in military and economic aid as the tangible manifestation of American support for Israeli apartheid occupation crimes. Whatever we may think of these peoples' claims (be they legitimate or not)...the point is that the claims exists and the basis for military retribution against the United States (in the form of terrorism) exist. So...why the shock when a military attack actually takes place...and the terrorists themselves explain their motives as being political, with respect to U.S. involvement in the Middle East? Is that not "chickens coming home to roost"? The "chickens" (Osama and Al-Qaeda) themselves are saying they are roosting! Why are we, then, politically lynching Ward Churchill for highlighting the obvious? Don't kill the messenger!

Gov. Bill Owens issued a written statement saying he deplored the behavior of some of the students at the meeting, and that their behavior underscored the "culture of violence" that can be spawned by essays such as Churchill's.

But President Bush's modern "White Man's Burden" crusade to spread freedom (modern day "civilization") to the Third World (specifically the Middle East, modern day "savages") and the accompanying imperial wars reflect no "culture of violence", right Mr. Owens? Indeed...the Bush administration is so sure of its positions that when a reporter asked White House spokesman Scott McClennan whether President Bush believed in the 6th Commandment, "Thou Shalt Not Kill", the spokesman took the stance taken by morally sure and committed people....he bypassed the question. Ward Churchill's highlighting of the obvious (that Al-Qaeda is the manifestation of Third World "chickens coming home to roost") is a "culture of violence"....but President's Bush ACTUAL presiding over two bloody invasions in the Muslim World are peachy...Only in the deluded mentality of moronic governmental apparatchiks is a man who served in Vietnam and publicly regrets the bloodshed he helped unleashed accountable for spreading a "culture of violence", while a man who avoided the very same war and has started two more, free of charge with his Monopoly "Get out of Accountability Card". That, in a nutshell, explains America's conception of right and wrong these days...Upside-Down Land is upon us. The American Gestapo might as well bring a balance with them and weigh Ward, ala Monty Python's Holy Grail. Then we could all be sure whether or not Ward is a witch...because what's going on is nothing more and nothing less than a Puritan-times witchhunt. The Crucible, anyone?

Ward did not celebrate the deaths of WTC victims...he did not express that he "hates America". What he did was highlight how the historical record proves the United States has made many enemies, and that it will continue to make more enemies, leading to more potential 9/11s. As a scholar, he is doing his job, which is to use his intellectual talents to highlight and explain WHY 9/11 occured, what we can do to avoid another, etc. We don't have to like his rationales or prescriptions, but we should not witchhunt him for echoing the very same rationale that Osama himself has uttered (which is that 9/11 is Al-Qaeda's response to American meddling in the Middle East). If the "chickens" themselves are saying that they are roosting...that they are "pushing back"...why is it outrageous for an American citizen to use his 1st amendment rights to essentially explain our current world events in the very same way?