Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Scott Ritter: U.S. to bomb Iran

Scott Ritter continues to sound the warning bell...and we'll do our part in continuing the ring...on the U.S.' plans to bomb Iran because of their supposed secret nuclear weapons programme.

We just didn't learn the lesson of Iraq, did we? I guess some people need to touch the stove TWICE to learn it burns....

Monday, March 28, 2005

Tom Delay gets slammed by Wall Street Journal

Tom Delay gets SLAMMED by the conservative Wall Street Journal.

Once a Cockroach killer....always a cockroach...

Do us ALL a favor Tommy...and eliminate less Republican cockroach to worry corrupt, Christian Talibanist simpleton....

The Top Ten Conservative Idiots, #190

The Terri Schiavo edition...good stuff!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Noam Chomsky at Edinburg

Noam Chomsky gives a new lecture in the University of Edinburgh regarding world, if you want the latest from Chomsky, view the Real Player video at the address above. Make sure you got the latest Real Player.

slow news days folks...and I"m busy

Sorry for the lack of's been Terri Schiavo all the time...and I'm frankly tired of hearing about this woman. I think I'm suffering "I can't believe these soulless "Christians" and how far they will go" overload...ugh....

I'm also involved in creating another I'm busy with that. I learned how to use PHP and MySQL for a forum...and I'm dabbing into Macromedia Studio MX...maybe I'll revamp my personal website someday...but this looks hard.

Anyway, take care...more to come soon.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Mehlman refuses to take gay question (GOP chair)

um...."nobody should have to answer that?"

Um..yes you do...if you stand for a party that assails gays and lesbians all the time.

And what type of answer is that? Man...that's about the GAYEST answer you could have given...

He's gay...he's SO gay....

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Europe to allow Wolfowitz appointment?

ah goddamn! European pussies! Here's a golden chance to stand up for the rational world against the imposition of the Neoconservatives in the United States...and you bungle up a perfect opportunity!

With all the clear disdain against Mr. Wolfowitz in the Third're not gonna fight?

You know...I remember a chap called Neville Chamberlain...and he didn't do too good with appeasing the imperialists of his day...

Another school shooting...another little fuck

I have LITTLE sympathy for these spoiled little fucks that decide it's ok to take a gun and express your rage by killing others. This little motherfucker killed 9 people before killing himself. Imagine the suffering that has begun...for SO many people.

Burn in mother fucker..

(if you can't tell...this story REALLY angered me...)

William Blum's "May I have the Envelope, please..."

William Blum, the author of the excellent survey of CIA interventions post-1945 around the world (Killing Hope), has given us an excellent essay on the issue of democratization in the Middle East and the farce of American-inspired "spreading" of freedom.

Required reading for those who wish to maintain a rational mind and a rational, objective analysis of the Middle East situation.

Cops beat the shit out of an autistic teenager

Yet another instance of Police-State autistic teenager is beaten, tazered, and pepper-sprayed....all on a mistake.

I hope someone sues these cops.

Republican Chair is likely gay

Why doesn't this surprise me? wanna be gay? Better were born gay? your life in peace. Nobody's got a goddamn right to criticize your sexuality.

However, I draw the line (and I know others do too) when you publicly campaign against gay rights...and you're gay. Get out of my fucking face with that bullshit....

And if you're black and you advocate against black interests, same goes for you.

Enough with the sexual orientation and racial Judases in our midst.

You can't be gay and be a Republican. I'm sorry Log Cabin Reps...i'm sorry this will offend you...but you can't continue to support a party whose ruling factions (the neoconservatives, religious taliban christians, etc.) are completely opposed to your very existence. I'm not willing to comprehend that inconsistency. If you're ok with accepting a subservient position in the Republican party simply because you agree with SOME of the principles of the Republican Party, that's your problem. But, for the rest of us, who consider our varied identities to be a CORE component of our life philosophies, we cannot ignore the Elephant in the room (pun intended) of our sexualities, racial identies, and other biological characteristics, being trampled by members of our "party", and accept this trampling on the grounds that those that trample on our rights and identities share common ideological values.

You want to be small government supporters? Fine. You want to be xenophobic-nationalist, with respect to immigrants and outsourcing jobs? Fine. But don't tell me your a Republican...that's like a black person saying he's a KKK member...but, doesn't agree with the KKK's anti-black advocacy, just SOME of the KKK's platform. That's bullshit...and it's inconsistent.

Maybe some of you remember the "good ol' days" of the small-government Republican party...and are horrified at the twist to the neocon-religious Taliban side of the party...but you're gonna have to suck it up. And don't act surprised...the Republican Party has ALWAYS had these members in their midst...they were not that strong before, and you took them for granted. Now...THEY control the party, its programme, its reputation, and its direction. That being the's time to regain consistency and cut yourselves from the Republican Party.

All YE gays in the Republican's time for a NEW coming out of the closet...the Republican closet. Either that...or prepare to be fried for hypocritical inconsistency...or be recongized as a de facto self-hater.

Republicans had a "talking points" strategy to Terri Schiavo case

As if we needed more evidence of the Republican Party's utter immorality...

To them, the Terri Schiavo case is an "exciting" prospect to make headway on their "pro-life" politics, at the detriment of the Democrats.

I kind of get tired of asking this, but....have we lost all shame? Are there no standards of morality left?

Salivating at the political prospects of using a disabled woman's plight for political gain is hardly a moral thing....I don't want to hear excuses from Republicans after what I've read on these "talking points".

Monday, March 21, 2005

Top Ten Conservative Idiots, #190

The Top Ten Conservative Idiots, #190.

And yes, he stiffs the U.S. Congress for their recent "Terri Schiavo" madness.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Terri Schiavo thoughts

This is utterly ridiculous and shameful...i'm just absolutely disgusted.

These cockroaches of men...Bush, Delay, and the rest of the politically-opportunist Religious Right and so-called "pro-life" movement suddenly have developed this desire to help a clearly brain-damaged woman out of "kindness". While they care about Schiavo, they ignore the 100,000 dead Iraqis or 1,400+ American soldiers who have died. Like George Carlin says, "these people are not pro-life, they're pro-death". They're just selective about which ones are politically advantageous to pay attention to, and which are not.

Back to the Schiavo far as I understand it, Terri herself declared to at least 3 witnesses that where she in a clearly dependent state (as she is now), she would want her life terminated. She made this claim to her husband, and two other witnesses. A court recognized and validated that testimony. Based on that personal decision, it ordered that she be allowed to die.

Enter the cockroaches...seeing a political opportunity to revive activism in their "pro-life" hordes, various politicians, who previously had never even known this woman (nor would have cared to know her), initiated a campaign to "save her". Hiding in the shadows of Terri's parents, who spearheaded the campaign to keep her alive (even against her stated wishes), they arrayed political forces behind Terri's parent's campaign, and ushered in various political procedures to attempt to keep her alive. They attempted to cynically "subpoena" her for "testimony" in an "important case" (knowing full well that the poor woman can't lift a finger, let alone speak). They had hoped that the "subpoena" request would provide a legal basis for keeping her alive. A judge overruled the subpoena, arguing that it could not be used as an excuse to keep her alive, and her feeding tube was again removed.

Now, it seems that the legislators will abuse their legislative powers to advance their transparently political agenda. What do you do when you do not like the decisions of Judges? You make NEW law...and President Bush is signing himself to this agenda.

Beyond the Schiavo case, this portends even scarier prospects for the United States. It reveals that, whenever it suits those in power, they are willing to subvert all sense of decency and privacy to advance their political agenda. And they're willing to trample over EVERYONE's wishes to do it (Terri's parents, her husband, and herself).

Today, I saw Wolf Blitzer and Larry King both echo the same statement to Terri's husband. "Why prolong this fight...why not give it up? If her parents want to take care of her, why not let them?"

Her husband is right. He replied, "This isn't about me, or her parents, or anyone else. This is about Terri's wishes".

If Terri wished to die...let her die. Her parents ignore her wishes because, naturally, they are blinded by the love they have for her as a daughter. While that is indeed also ignores her individual decision to die. Her husband must be going through the worst be seen, wrongfully, as an advocate for her death, when in fact he acts as her loyal messenger/servant, preaching her last words and desires for all to hear. The politicians, those vile scum that pollute all involved, ignore her wishes to satisfy their ideologies, their hordes of drone-like worshippers, and their campaigns. For them, it is about "getting votes" in the future Congressional election.

Meanwhile, a woman stares at a wall in a hospital, mouth slighly open, eyelids closing and opening from time to time...wondering if she will ever get to meet her Maker, as she wished so.

British government expose: U.S. "fixed" intelligence on Iraq

More evidence that we were DELIBERATELY lied to by the order to push the Iraq War.

An expose of a report detailing that English government officials were told that the U.S. government was "fixing" the intelligence on Iraq to fit U.S. policy desires.

"Fixing" is a high-quality term for LYING.

MASSIVE England Elites' ORGY!

WOW....a whole bunch of England's elites (lawyers, politicians, tycoons, bank ceos, fashion models, olympic athletes, etc) were just caught in a MASSIVE sex orgy....

ANd you thought this type of behavior only existed in the Kama Sutra and in older times....

Green Beret attempts citizen arrest to stop Schiavo tube removal

Yeah...what a hero...

Hey, mister...where are you when anti-right wing government activists are getting their heads bashed in? How come I never heard you issue citizen-arrest warrants when police are bashing peace activists?

What a hypocrite..

Chavez: "U.S. a Terrorist State"

Man...Chavez is really baiting the Sleeping Giant....he's calling the U.S. a Terrorist state.

Not that I would disagree much...after all, whether you die of an M-16, tank shell, cruise missile OR suicide bombing, it pretty much is "terrifying', no?

ANd given that we define terror as being the illegal use of force to atempt political persuasion of the enemy, I'd say we'd got it down pat.

Been out for a while...and Bush lied about North Korea

Sorry I've been out for a while. Will be more attentive in the future...

Anyway, Bush lied about North Korea to allies...YET ANOTHER UNCOVERED LIE!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Slow posts

I haven't been keeping up with the blog...I got stuff to do in life...but...whenever something REALLY piques my interest, I'll post it.

Stay tuned.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

New Bush EPA nominee has bad background

A new Tuskegee Experiment?

The New EPA nominee from the Bush administration has a history of supporting chemical pesticide tests on humans...and yes, Afro-Americans and the poor were deliberately targeted.

Orwell's not just spinning in his grave...he's uncontrollably defecating on himself..

Friday, March 11, 2005

Land of Murka, part 2

The Land of Murka, part 2 - "The Fundamentalist Threat"

Valenzuelas does it again...a great sequel to his first Land of Murka article (available at the link too)

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

SADDAM CAPTURE FAKED! knew the truth was gonna come out one day....the story of Saddam's uneventful capture in a spider hole was totally fabricated. He was actually captured in a modest home, and he resisted capture.

Why would the administration lie about the truth of the capture? Because it's politically advantageous to portray his capture in a spiderhole (to dehumanize him even if he was a rodent in a hole) and to delegitimize the courage of the enemy (he didn't resist, according to the fake story).

The entire story was a lie.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Background on John Bolton; Bush's U.N.'s pick

Learn a little more about the insanely imperialist man that Bush picked to be the United Nations ambassador. John Bolton.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Kerry blasts U.N. ambassador choice

Thank you Mr. Kerry...someone in power actually sees through the absurdity of appointing a man who has made CLEAR statements of disdain for the the AMBASSADOR TO THE U.N. from the United States. By the way...John Bolton is a VERY influential member of the neoconservative (imperialist) Project for A New American Century. That's right...put a guy who openly believes in an Imperial, Dominant America in charge of our diplomacy with the rest of the world.

I mean...that's as close to putting the fox in the henhouse as you're gonna get!

Anyone out there ACTUALLY thinks a man who has advocated for not paying our dues to the U.N. will be the BEST candidate for the U.N. job? WTF?

The Land of "Murka"

Another great article by Manuel Valenzuelas. MUST READ.

Top Ten Conservative Idiots, No. 189

The Top Ten Conservative Idiots again...and this one's good.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Clinton sleeps on floor; gives bed to Elder Bush

Now THAT's a President...taking the floor so that his former Prez candidate rival (and father to his ideological enemy...and current hated symbol of the Conservative Right) could rest his 80 year old body.

What an example of ignore the political divisions, and "do the right thing". As much as I hate the Bushes and what they stand for...Clinton did the right thing by offering up the comforts of a bed to an 80 year old man.

Now that's class....learn the lesson, Dubya....learn what it means to be a President with class.

American company cheats CPA; war profiteering

How an American contracting company cheated the Coalition Provisional Authority...often at 400% the cost of what the actual product was valued.

This is how war...a destructive affair for the victims...becomes a profitable venture for those that have loyalty to no one...the companies profiting from the war.


Italy rejects U.S. version of events (Italian death)

Italy's just not buying it, Mr. Bush...your soldiers killed an Italian..and we don't think it's an accident.

Cops caught sending inappropriate messages

Does anybody else see this as suspiciously racial? I mean...a black club burns down..and multiple cops almost immediatelly start sending "burn baby burn" and "my thoughts exactly" comments?

Oh yeah...this was white supremacist gloating over black misery....

Friday, March 04, 2005

Italian journalist freed; U.S. troops shot on Italian official,1280,-4841954,00.html

A hostage release botched by American troops...

Somebody got an itchy trigger finger?

America #1?

A very sobering examination of where the United States stands in the world, on a whole variety of levels.

The sinking of the United States Titanic continues...

A man named Max Boot

A little background on racist, imperialist Max Boot, a neoconservative columnist who has, among other things, recommended that the U.S compose its armed forces from non-citizens, foreigners, and illegal aliens. Basically...he's calling for a slave class of undocumented Americans to do all the "heavy lifting" for the United States. The problem with this philosophy is that it ignores the fact that the first groups to rebel against oppressive conditions ARE those that have the least. An army of non-citizens would be more likely to frag their commanders than fight an enemy in illegitimate wars.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

House of Reps. votes to give religious organizations "discrimination" powers

The House of Representatives has just passed a measure that would rescind Civil Rights era protections for job-training students from being discriminated on based on their religion. Religious organizations that get federal funding for job-training efforts are to have the right to discriminate on who they train based on the trainee's religious status. In other words, once the Christian Taliban officializes this policy....Muslims need not apply, Jews need not apply, athiests BETTER not apply...and all educated, secularist people need not apply either. They will not be hired or trained.

Another baby step toward theocratic imposition in this nation.

I hope the Senate kills it...but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Hugo Chavez outlines "new socialist" vision

Now this is the type of progressive rethinking of prevailing economic and political views that should be occuring. I'm not giving blanket support to Chavez...but I admire and support his courage in starting this conversation.

Like him, i'm not for old, dogmatic, stagnant forms of "socialism" to replace capitalism. I'm convinced capitalism cannot manage an egalitarian, renewable economy for humanity...and that if we don't switch to something better, we will die out as a I hope his call for a "new socialism" takes root in Latin America.

New Weapon inflicts maximum pain, incapacitates rioters

This is scary...imagine the possibilities of this weapon to be used against dissenting Americans or foreign countries. Imagine the possible uses for "putting down" Iraqi civilians who riot or protest their occupation. Imagine the ultimate power of control that this weapon would give the United States.

I fear that a fascist future is already here...and developing into a terrible nightmare.

Congressman criticizes liberals; hopes they are "human shields" in Iraq

Look at this yahoo....

Defending comments he made, calling liberals "tree huggers" and hoping they get sent to Iraq to be "human shields". Not only is that a fascistic mindset...and one that reveals contempt for the rights of liberals to dissent against their government without fear of being "exiled", but it is also hypocritical. This Congressman is a Vietnam he knows what war is about. But even with this veteran background...if he's so doggone for this war, let him fight it. Let his sons and daughters fight it. How dare he condemn people who are opposed to being lied to into an unnecessary war, and ask us to be "human shields"...when he is the one screaming for war, and doesn't want to go fight it.

This is a democracy, Congressman...and in a democracy, individuals have the right to decide whether or not they want to fight for the country. We liberals have decided that we don't like being lied to, that we don't like the direction of our country, we don't like our foreign policies, and will have no part in it.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Delay argues for UNION of church and state

The Christian Taliban members of the U.S. Congress are starting to move their back chess pieces (the pawns have already been moved).

Now...the ideological battle to convince the American public that the Founders intended NOT to seperate church and state has begun.

Why is it that when we speak of the new, emerging legal system in Iraq...that we recoil with fear and disgust in that it will be based on Islamic law (Sha'ria)....and when other nations speak of displaying the Koran in every courtroom, we shake our heads in disbelief at their backwardness and unfair nature of their laws (particularly on women)...yet the very same people who sneer in disgust at the idea of Islamic law being the source of the New Iraq's legal system...are proposing to Christian Talibanize our legal system? Why are the Ten Commandments and the Bible legitimate sources of law in the United States...and their inspirational value publicly displayed in our courts...but Islamic law and the Koran being the inspiration of Arab legal systems is frowned upon?

Personally...I think the problem in the Arab world (and I'll include Israel, to a certain degree...although it's more secular) is that religion warps secularist, post-Enlightenment/Reformation conceptions of legal rights, until the rights are rendered meaningless. Is a woman's rights better protected under Western-developed, secularist, post-Enlightenment/Reformation conceptions of civil and human rights....or under Islamic, Sha'ria-inspired conceptions of civil and human rights? As it is practiced now...if I was a woman...I'd choose the Western model hands down.

For the very same reason that I view Islamic legal development as heavily backward (kudos to those progressive Islamicists attempting to modernize their legal systems...but right now, the "Medieval Islam" interpreters are in charge...), I view the regression toward religious inspiration for our legal system as thoroughly unhealthy and dangerous to our social system. America has been able to prosper as the most diverse country in the world PRECISELY because its very neutral, secular legal system has done a good job of balancing out competing ethnic, social, and economic interests. It's not perfect...but if you think Iraq's ethnic divisions look bad between Kurds, Turkomen, Shiites, Sunnis, and others...imagine America without a secular legal system.

Imagine the resentment from non-Christians, Catholics, and Protestants of other denominations not necessarily practiced by the established ruling elite in the nation. Given the already inflamed tensions between priviliged whites, who see brown masses everywhere and continue to sound the ideological, xenophobic, and racist alarms against encroaching blacks, Latinos, and Asians...imagine...just imagine the type of ethnic warfare that would explode as a result of one group (Christian Whites) effectively making their religion and cultural values the norm. Imagine the rebellion of those excluded from this conception of the Christian legal system. Are we naive to think that, given such exclusive power over the legal system and how it is developed, that these Christian Taliban whites would not initiate a new age of Neo-Puritan witchhunting? With Latinos, Blacks and other undesirables as their targets? If they haven't been able to do it's because the legal system, because it is based on neutral secular principles, holds that their "targets" are still human beings with "inalienable" human and civil rights. Rip apart the secularist conception and insert a Christian Taliban "source" to our legal system...and out go the secularist protections that have kept Christian Taliban whites from hanging every black, latino, homosexual, or other undesirable from the closest tree. Believe me...if they could...THEY WOULD. And they are inching toward it every day...just a little (too fast might endanger the whole project). However, even at their slow pace...the changes are already evident enough to those who reject their proposal to affect our perspective. There's a reason why the country is so heavily polarized and divided...and it's because those that reject the Christian Taliban model of America are seeing the signs of the impending theocratic legal system everywhere...

Acknowledging that Christianity is the state religion of the United States (or even the more docile recognition of its "majority status" as the religion of the majority of Americans, but not official "state" recognition) and basing our legal system on its precepts is a huge blow against secularist neutrality and the principle of equality before the law. Because, there is no way that worshippers of alternate faiths can receive "equality under the law", if the very law that judges them is inspired by a religion alien to them. Thus...the best legal system in such diverse ethnic and religious contexts is for the system to be based on principles that cut across religions and groups...the humanist, secularist principles of the Western enlightenment/reformation...which do not discriminate on a religious level, and accord all equal rights, regardless of creed, race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion, among other social divisions. That's the real genius of the American founders...and why fascist, communist, and other systems based on ONE ideology have failed. Granted, the prevailing ideology of America has always been a liberal democratic free market economy...but the system is neutral enough to offer those with alternatives ideas a voice...and the ability to shape the nation. America has gone through periods in which hidden social democrats and Keynesian economists have ruled (FDR years) to years in which the xenophobic and racist Right rule (Reagan, Bush). Could this wide range of political persuasion exist in a fascist, communist, or theocratic regime? THIS is why the liberal democratic balance works...and why theocratic regimes DON'T.

I'd rather live in a secular legal system...than one that de facto or de jure recognizes one group of citizens (those that happen to worship the religion that inspires the legal system) as priviliged over those that do not believe in the state religion.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

U.S. Supreme Court rules against juvenile execution

Chalk one up for the good guys.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that executing juveniles is unconstitutional. I believe this is legally sound...if a person under 18 is not mature enough to understand the consequences of their actions (with regards to alcohol and sex and warfare conscription), then they shouldn't be held to the ultimate penalty as the consequence of their acts.

Aside from that legal perspective, I think it's immoral for the State to be able to kill people. I think we should follow the European perspective on this...give people life sentences...cheaper and no innocents die because of a flawed justice system.

The Voice of the White House, Feb. 27th LATEST

More on Gannon (the digging continues)...

The Voice claims that he has "files and files" on all the closet gays that apparently run the White House, and that "they will all be outed, mark my words". We'll see...I hope so...but we'll see...

Syrian pullot from Lebanon has begun...

Sounds like the initial pullout has begun...the scenes in Beirut (mass protests), as well as the resignation of the Cabinet were really bad harbingers for the Syrians. I'd say they are doing the right thing by beginning the pullout.

Adoption issues in America

This quote about says it all...

Increasingly, Black children are finding homes in Germany, France and especially Canada, which puzzles Earl Stroud. "I just don't understand why American couples go to China and Romania and places like that, when they have kids in their own backyard," says Mr. Stroud.

Michelle Hughes, an adoption attorney, says the main reason is racism. "And parents will actually say, 'I'll take anything but an Africa-American child'," says Ms. Hughes.


Class-Action lawsuit launched regarding Agent Orange usage in Vietnam

Now this is a story...a class action lawsuit on behalf of more than 4 million Vietnamese is trying to sue 30 American chemical companies associated with the infamous "Agent Orange", a substance designed to plague agriculture and living things. A chemical weapon...a weapon of mass destruction, if you will. And it was used in Vietnam by American Forces.

I sure hope they win this case. No company has the right to develop chemical weapons and no government has the right to use them.

Afro-Am Republicans complain about Dean

Wanna have a laugh? Mississipi Republican African-Americans are calling for Dean to step down....all 10% or less of them!

What's the bigger crime...making a poignant observation on the state of affairs for most blacks in the form of the joke, in order to provoke thoughtful reflection (and have all the Congressional Black Caucus present AND laughing) (Dean), or continuing to support a party that, in practically all things that matter, has stood for the privilige of upper class whites and corporations, and has housed the worst racists of the country throughout the years (even when they were ex-Democrats from the pre-1950s days)?

Sounds to me like these African-American mississippi Republicans need to "clean house" with their 90%+ Democratic brethren, before launching attacks on the Democratic chairman.

And, before they ask the played-out question "Why can't we have the right to choose conservatism as our ideology? Why do we have to follow the 90% mass of Afro-Americans who vote Democrat?"

Simple. Because when you know (and boy is there historical evidence to prove it) that your party's policies disproportionately affect African-Americans and poor people, and you support are in a de facto state of treason to your people, and reaping unfair privilige from your association with powerful people at the expense of "your" people.

Just my two cents.