Friday, April 29, 2005

Thieves claim they found money in backyard "treasure"

A few words of advice, for the next time, boys...


End of Public Service Announcement.

Right Wingers attack Marla Rusicka

The lack of decency on the part of the right-wing knows no bounds.

Two noted right-wing columnists have picked Marla Ruzicka as their target (the humanitarian activist killed as a bystander to an Iraqi suicide bomb).

Her crime? Well, apparently, Marla had been an active left-winger in her early college years and had been involved with many progressive organizations during her life. She may have ideologically believed the war was not deserved to die in Iraq because she wasn't with "our team". That in a nutshell is their point of view, but please do read their comments.

Will these two right-wingers give up their cushy lifestyles here in the United States to help impoverished people suffering in Iraq, no matter their views on the war? Well...SHE DID...for no compensation.

How a person who dies serving others can be accused of deserving their death is beyond could say she was being very much like a figure I keep hearing being thrown around like pizza dough..what's his name...long brown hair, dark olive toga...I can't remember...

Oh yes...Jesus Christ.

So Jesus Christ deserved to know...he opposed the Roman occupation of Israel and had spent his early years dabbling in progressive organizations and making provocative, even revolutionary comments in his childhood, and at last count, he was even reaching out to prostitutes and the sick....but...that would have been OK, as long as he publicly declared that he supported the Roman occupation. But he didn' he deserved to be crucified, like other anti-Roman terrorists... /sarcasm off.

AK-47 Jesus mouse pads for sale

These American Talibanists are OUT OF CONTROL.

They are selling Jesus mousepads, with him holding an AK-47 and looking over a rock for some sign of the enemy. It's ridiculous.

This shows you how distorted the American Taliban is, and how wrong their interpretation of Christianity is. Jesus was non-violent...that was the message of his entire philosophy.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Denny's Restaurants to Arabs: "We don't serve Bin Ladens here"

Oh boy...Denny's Restaurants do it again...first blacks and being racist with them...and now calling Arabs "Bin Ladens".

Can't they keep their mouths shut! Damn hicks...


After reading the article, it became apparent that the racist in question seems to be a Latino man (extrapolated from his name). hicks are off the hook...for now....

Cardinal compares gay marriage to nazism

Good to see that Catholic officials have a good head on their shoulders...

This one seems to have compared Gay marriage to Nazism...

That's rich...considering that your "Pope" was one too, even if he "claims" it was against his will!

Pot calling kettle black, anyone?

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Arnold strikes again!

Change the moon cycles so women stop "bitching and whining" about PMS?

Wow...classy Arnold...classy....

Body of a bull, brain the size of a lemon...

Maybe his speech problem is not all related to him being Austrian....

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Spain set to legalize gay marriage

Spain is showing us how to be a real tolerant democracy...

now if they could only work out that nasty Basque business....

but anyway, congratulations to Spain's homosexual community. Enjoy TRUE freedom...and avoid the U.S. like a plague...

Blackwater mercs die in helicopter crash

NOT FUCKING sorry at all...6 american mercenaries that were from Blackwater...the same corporation that the Army is outsourcing its "security" to. The same company's whose workers got lynched in Fallujah, (the initial event that produced the revenge bloodlust that later provoked the American destruction of Fallujah).

I'm sick of these security "employees" (I call them what they are...mercenaries) getting killed and we're supposed to wave the flag and cry for them. Fuck 'em. These parasites were in Iraq making hundreds of thousands of dollars...many are ex-South African apartheid agents. When you're a soldier, although I disagree with the war and with soldiers there, you're ultimately doing it in the service of your country. But these assholes only answer to the U.S. dollar...they are the greediest, scumiest men alive...people who kill for money.

Couldn't have happened to a better group of people.

Iranian hardliners register for suicide bombing

What was it that Ward Churchill said? "Some People Push Back"?

Yep...sounds like they are preparing one HELL of a push....

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Another Delay scandal hits the fan! many times does this man has to obviously reveal himself as a "prostitute for hire" before the American people demand he lose his job? I can't remember a politician in recent history with so much corruption and scandal on him...

No doubt he will blame Democrats for this as well...everyone but himself.

Texas Republicans to pass ban to GLBT foster parents

Plain old homophobia. Texas Republicans don't want homosexual or bisexual people to be foster parents.

Why is that, Republicans? Do you fear that they will ass-ram their foster children every opportunity they can that it?

What bullshit...that's like saying you won't allow blacks to be foster parents on the belief that they'll feed the foster kids too much fried chicken. It's the same utterly absurd, prejudiced mentality...and it needs to stop. Why are we demonizing our GLBT communities! Leave em alone!

Desmond Tutu disappointed with New Pope,10117,15030566-23109,00.html

Now THIS is a man that should be Pope....if only he was Catholic. This is a man with the compassion, intelligence, and wisdom to be leading the faithful of Christianity.

Too bad Catholics settle for an ultra-conservative, possible Nazi.

Teachers' unions attack "No Child Left Behind"

About damn time the cavalry showed's time to deal the "No Child Left Alive" act a death blow. No more Republican education "agendas"...they suck.

Is the Pope's ultra-conservatism / Nazi Past something to worry about?,00050004.htm

I've heard a lot about the "compulsary" nature of membership in the Hitler Youth. I'm willing to give the new Pope a "benefit of doubt" on that...however...not shooting your anti-aircraft battery? How do we know? Are we supposed to take him at his words?

Here we have an ultra-conservative pope (indeed, the leader of the conservative wing of the Vatican) who was inducted into the Nazi Army as an anti-aircraft gunner...and we're supposed to believe his statement that he never fired a gun, that he never believed in the Nazis....yet he's coincidentally ultra-conservative? If the guy was inducted into the Nazi Army against his will, and then turned out to be a Mandela, or Martin Luther King, then maybe I'd believe the story. But...when the guy is ultra-conservative...that's too close a political persuasion to hold, particularly when there are questions on whether or not he was an active Nazi in the armed forces. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt with the Hitler Youth (and that's being charitable).

Too many coincidences for me...I don't trust this new Pope.

Tom Delay attacks Justice Kennedy

Look at this quote...

"Absolutely. We've got Justice Kennedy writing decisions based upon international law, not the Constitution of the United States? That's just outrageous," DeLay told Fox News Radio on Tuesday. "And not only that, but he said in session that he does his own research on the Internet? That is just incredibly outrageous."

Two things. One, American jurisprudence recognizes international law (any treaties ratified by the U.S. Senate) as binding on American courts. It is considered a legitimate "source" of law. And it should be. How could we claim legal or moral right to condemn others if we don't subscribe to the principle that we too must follow the dictates of international law?

Secondly, what's wrong with doing research on the Internet? Whenever I did research for legal studies classes at my University, I used LexisNexis or some of the other legal databases to get the texts of cases. Why is that outrageous? The same text in dusty government archives in a library have been scanned and made available online via Internet databases. Mr. Delay is simply ignorant of the online legal resources available.

There is no merit to Tom Delay's accusations against Justice Kennedy. It is a transparent political attack on Justice Kennedy simply because he is perceived to be a liberal interpreter of the Constitution.

Tom Delay would be spending his time more wisely in handling the multiple bribery scandals following him, then lecturing a trained jurist on how to do his job in the judiciary. If we are to base our case on Tom Delay's "evidence" against Justice Kennedy, we would undoubtedly come to the conclusion that the case does not hold water.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

German cardinal is new pope

A new pope is elected...and it seems he's even more conservative than John Paul.

Great...just what the Catholic Church needed. Another guy whose thinking is still in the Middle Ages.

Anyway, I'm not Catholic, so I'm not worried. :)


The Pope was a former Hitler Youth? WTF? Oh my god...A Nazi sympathizer was elected Pope! How's that for a "let's make the Catholic Church the laughing stock of the world" idea.

Ideologue Pharmacists and The Pill

What's up with these dicks? "Exercising their conscience" by denying medical patients who request morning-after pills the pills. Isn't that making a sexual/pregnancy decision for the patient? Most of these patients have 24-48 hours to take the pill to prevent a pregnancy. A refusal by a pharmacist could lead to an unwanted and unplanned pregnancy.

If this is how they want to play it, how about the rest of us in society exercise our conscience to not serve them. Let's start the "National Deny Ideologue Pharmacists Any Service" movement. If you're a cop, don't help ideologue pharmacists. If you're a fireman, let their house burn. If you're a medical personnel, refuse to give them CPR or medical care.'s all fair, no? After all, they are professionals exercising their right of conscience to not serve those they deem to be committing sinful acts, right? As morally-committed individuals, we refuse to collaborate with the sinful acts of activist ideologue pharmacists.

Joke over....does that sound absurd? So does pharmacists not doing their job and refusing pills to women who need them because they condemn their "sinful act" of preventing the pregnancy.

Keep your morals and ideology to yourself...and do your freaking job.

Miami exiles salivating about post-Castro Cuba

Wanna have a laugh? Cuban exiles in Miami are preparing a blueprint for governance after Castro's regime passes.

These fools actually think they are going to revive the old Batista days when Castro dies...hahaha.

The Cuban people may not be completely enamored with Fidel Castro and his regime's excesses, but there's no way in hell they are going back to the white "gusano" exiles ruling while the blacks and mullatos of Cuba (the majority) languish in even worse ghettoes than the ones of today. If there is anything positive to Castro's revolution it's the fact that his revolution, for the first time in Cuban history, promoted the idea of social equality and dignity. That's something the previous neo-colonial Cuban administrations (with ties to the Mafia and U.S. government) had never done. Will Castro communism fall? Yes, it's a top-down, Soviet-style social model that doesn't work. Will the Cuban people want to return to Batista-U.S. neo-colonial capitalism, as Nicaragua experienced with Violeta Chamorro after the Sandinistas? No. The Cuban people will shape a system that accords with the latest democratic aspirations, as well as social equity (a component that is not respected in the U.S., but is given more serious attention in the E.U.). A Social Democratic regime, or a new Latin-Americanist regime (like the ones being conceived in Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, and others) wouldn't be a bad idea.

When Castro falls, the Cuban people should have the right to self-determination, not some white, upper-class exiles in Miami.

Minuteman founder disbanding effort

Hahaha...the founder of the Minutemen vigilantes is leaving the border...according to him, "he's bored".

Wasn't so fun to bake in the desert sun trying to spot illegals for no pay, huh? :)

Leave it to the pros, right-wing nut....

Monday, April 18, 2005

Mandriva Linux Limited Edition 2005: The Dream Linux!

Folks...I've found my dream distribution. Mandrake's (now called Mandriva) big problem was being slow and bloated, in comparison to other Linuxes.

I don't know what was put in to the recently released Limited Edition 2005 version (MDK 10.2), but it's FAST, and keeps the functionality of the Mandrake distribution.

I've found the perfect balance of speed and ease. I highly recommend LE 2005 to everyone wanting to test out Linux. This is the distribution that will stay on my computer for a while.

Marla Ruzicka: humanitarian

I was saddened by the news of her passing...she shouldn't have died. Iraq is not safe for even foreigners who support the people.

It should have been come he gets to survive HIS war?

Bolton gets hit with more revelations.

Bolton kept information from Rice and Powell...

heh...he even stiffed his "defenders"...

Still think he's the best man for the U.N. job, Republicans? How about you, America? A man who obviously has temper issues, has made comments against the U.N., brow-beaten opponents, tried to get people fired under him, and even kept information from his superiors?

That's the best we can do?

Saturday, April 16, 2005

U.S. State department to drop terrorism report


The State Department has finally figured out what most thinking people have known for long...that their bullshit annual terrorism report may have been "faulty" and including of events that are not "terrorism".

In plain terms, they just admitted that in the past political decisions have guided the inclusion of particular countries and events in the report, giving credence to criticism from foreign countries that the report is unfair and biased.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Karzai sells his nation out - ask for U.S. bases on his soil

Does anyone actually believe that Karzai speaks for Afghanistan when he says that his country wants a permanent U.S. presence for decades to come, in the form of "security agreements".

Hey...can we have China invade us, propose a puppet ruler, run elections, have him elected, so that the puppet ruler can then declare that we Americans want Chinese bases on our soil for decades to come? Would that sound like the sovereign, representative desire of the American people?

This is total bullshit.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Artist' anti-Bush postage stamps invites SS visit

American fascism continues on its merry path...make paintings that are controversial...and you are inviting the Secret Service (otherwise known as the SS, or American Shutzstaffel (sorry, can't spell German)) to come ask for your address and info.

God Bless America, indeed...

High School misfits rape 16-year old disabled girl
This is about the lowest you can go...what bastards..

these little monsters forced a disabled 16-year-old girl to perform oral sex on them, and a group of over a dozen others just WATCHED.

What's wrong with these kids? Forcing a disabled person...raping them? What's wrong with those that watched? And what's wrong with the principals that tried to "hush" the whole incident?

What the hell is wrong with America these days....hmmm...never mind...I kinda forgot we are living in Loony Times....

Delay continues to attempt to...delay criticism of him

Delay is too funny..."they're twisting supportive comments to make it sound like criticism". Hey, bozo! THEY ARE criticizing you!

Delay is essentially telling the American people that its raining...while he's unloading an entire stomach-full of piss on them...will America believe him?

Conservative activist to hold anti-gay "Day of Truth"

Conservative students around the country are going to hold a "Day of Truth" to promote the view that homosexuality is a sin, to counter the success of the tolerance-preaching "Day of Silence" organized by GLBT rights groups.

How prejudiced can you get...when you schedule a day to promote the "anti-tolerant" view? I wonder if these conservative students will hold a similar "Day of Truth" to promote the view that blacks are niggers, latinos are spics, asians are gooks, natives are drunkard savages, and other such "truths", according to them. Hey, if it's perfectly ok to hold anti-homosexual "day of truth", it should be ok to promote a anti-black or anti-latino day. After all, everyone's entitled to their own opinion on whether or not there's equality of the races, right?

So, in solidarity with my conservative brethren, I want to promote the celebration of a "Day of Whiteness", to promote the opinion (actually, intelligently designed AND revealed's somewhere in the Bible...look it up) that white people are pure and good, and being an "other" is sinful. Thank you Republicans for allowing me to finally express my deeply-held views, which I had self-repressed under that silly idea know...I should be tolerant of others....God...I was so PC before...that's so 1990s....that's so Clinton...

/sarcasm off.

" Johnson said the event is meant to be "peaceful and respectful," but made clear it is motivated by belief that homosexuality is wrong. "You can call it sinful or destructive — ultimately it's both," he said."

Yeah...REAL respectful to call someone's born identity "sinful"...hey blackie nigger...I respectfully consider you to be an inferior race to the white one...but you know...all respectfully of course!

lack of updates

Still playing around with operating systems...I'm trying out Suse 9.2 Professional, which I'm quite pleased with. I'm anxiously waitin the release of Suse 9.3 Professional in the coming weeks.

However, I'm gonna try to post some more stuff.

Monday, April 11, 2005

The cockroach killer becomes a cockroach - Top Ten Conservative Idiots, 193.

The new Conservative Idiots...and boy is Tom Delay screwed...

couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Minutemen investigated

It didn't take long for these yahoos to make headlines as doing "more" than just "spotting" illegal immigrants.

By the way, reports on the web are also detailing that neo-Nazis are joining the Minutemen groups on the border....sounds like allowed racism to me. Why is the government not barring these groups from restraining Mexicans coming over the border?

Monday, April 04, 2005

Israel dumps trash on Palestinian Territories!,0,1062969,print.story?coll=sns-ap-world-headlines

Now...this takes HUGE colonial balls...dumping the trash of your people...on your occupied territories...

That's just wrong...this should be FLATLY condemned by everyone, no matter what their political persuasion.

Minutemen vigilantes trigger border sensors

Great...what we need to combat illegal immigration...white rednecks tripping the alarms set up to warn of immigrant breaks in the border.

We do need immigration reform...the vigilantes AREN'T it.

Syria to quit Lebanon by April 30th nations occupying other nations CAN make peaceful and non-violent, diplomatic agreements to end their illegal occupations....hmmm...that's quite an interesting principle.

Anybody in the U.S. and Israeli administrations listening? How about showing some moral reciprocation about withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq and Israeli troops from Palestine?

The Top Ten Conservative Idiots, #192

That time again...the Top Ten Conservative Idiots, #192.

Tom Delay is #1...not surprised.

U.S. tells Israel it must give up nuclear weapons? WTF!

Is THIS the long-awaited end of American hypocrisy with regards to Israel's nuclear weapons?

It's calling for Israel (and India/Pakistan) to give up its weapons. least now the U.S. is being consistent, because before it looked like it only asked Iran, Lybia, Iraq, and North Korea to give them up.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

The thoughts

As you can probably imagine, I'm not very devout...well, let me rephrase that, I'm not devout to man-made structures, hierarchies, and religious institutions. However, I'm spiritual, and was raised half-Catholic and half-Baptist.

I tend to analyze religious leaders based on their actions and influence within their institutions. The Pope was, at the same time, a conservative institutionalist in the Catholic Church AND profoundly concerned for social justice and welfare. I completely opposed his archaic personal lifestyle values (what he preached as legitimate sexual lifestyles, the ban on condoms, the ban on abortions, etc.), but completely supported his world-wide crusade to bring the message of Christian compassion to all.

And so, without falling into the usual Catholic hero-worship, I do feel that a generally good man is passing away, and that the world is losing someone it probably desperately needs in these changing times. That's quite sad...considering that we get to keep the likes of Bush around. Sometimes it just seems like God takes the "good ones", and leaves us the bad...

Rest in peace, Papa Juan Pablo.

OAS elects socialist president

Well, well...Latin America has clearly decided to, probably for a first time in the OAS' history, elect a socialist Organization of American States' president. A clear blow to the U.S. overall vision of Latin America.

Add this to the 4-5 victories of socialist-populist reformers in Latin America, and you got yourself a clear recipe for anti-neoliberal globalization measures being taken in Latin America. Is Latin America FINALLY liberating itself from the U.S.' hold?

Friday, April 01, 2005

Minutemen deploy on border; MS-13 targets them.

Ah....the "Minutemen" deploy, a vigilante group of "patriotic" white Americans, who detest illegal immigration so much, that they're taking the law into their own hands.

Meanwhile, there's reports that the MS-13 Central American gang has ordered members to go "teach a lesson" to the Minutemen.

Now this sounds like a plot for a good movie...Central American criminal gangbangers against uber-patriotic white fools....thinning the herd so we don't have to! EXXXCEEELLEENTT.

Good riddance to both groups...I won't shed a tear.