Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Villepin becomes new French prime minister


Normally I wouldn't waste blog space on such boring news...but a quote in the article pissed me off...

"Dominique de Villepin, has a social democratic stance on economic policy, which might help to persuade the anti-reform minded French electorate, but would cost France precious time to reform its outdated economic model. In the case of Villepin being appointed the euro would slide further," Hans Redeker, global head of forex strategy at BNP Paribas, had said prior to Mr Chirac's decision.

Says you, asshole. I happen to consider neoliberal, unbridled, uncaring economic extraction from the poor (otherwise known by its more endearing name, free market capitalism) to be an outdated economic model! What's wrong with at least TRYING to regulate capitalism and moderate its excesses (social democracy)? Doesn't sound outdated at all...it sounds...CIVILIZED.

Boy Scouts inflated black statistics


So...not only do the hire pedophiles...but now they are inflating the number of black scouts...

Awesome organization they have there!

Nicaragua power grab in the works?


Looks like the darling of the IMF and the U.S. in Nicaragua (President Solanos) is taking measures for ultimate control of Nicaragua. He's imposing austerity measures to get in line with IMF requirements, and suspending the constitution.

The more things change...the more they stay the same...

How about some fireworks...Sandinistas? We in the world are waiting for your resolute defense of the rights of your people...and if a government is become a tyranny...it's time to overthrow it.

Teens kill homeless man "for fun"


More of the great American product...redneck hicks!

The future of this great country is really in great hands...honestly...:)

Christian Slater arrested for ass-grabbing? WTF?


Seriously...why would an attractive, powerful, and successful actor like Christian Slater be grabbing ladies' asses on the street?

Either he did it (in which case, he's a fucking moron...since he can get plenty of women to land their asses right into his hands, without him even begging for it), or this is a phony charge.

Deep Throat Revealed!


Deep Throat revealed? Seems like there's been breaking news on TV (i'm not near one).

Mark Felt was Deep Throat? Wow.


CONFIRMED. Mark Felt is the famous Watergate leaker...so says MSNBC.



Cheney: Insurgency in "last throes"


That kool-aid sure does taste good, doesn't it, Mr. Cheney?

He's saying that the insurgency is dying and that it will die before the end of the BUsh presidency...

meanwhile...REAL generals (you know...the kind that didn't dodge the draft in Vietnam...like Cheney did) are saying this could take multiple years, probably 10.

Does no one else see the lunacy of this guy?


If his lunacy was not palpable before, here' s more to convince the unpersuaded!


Now he doesn't take Amnesty International seriously...because of a report they drafted that was critical of Guantanamo Bay's concentration camp. Yeah...it's only probably the most respected non-partisan, international human rights group who is doing the accusing...never mind that they have, in the past, accused other governments (many who are U.S. enemies) of similar, if not worse practices...but no...when the eye is on the United States, they can't be taken seriously!

The coup de grace, folks...

“Frankly, I was offended by it,” Cheney said in the videotaped interview. “For Amnesty International to suggest that somehow the United States is a violator of human rights, I frankly just don’t take them seriously.”

Yeah...and what the hell do you call plugging a man onto electric wires and putting him atop a box? A romantic evening?

In other news, monkeys flew out of my butt.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

U.S./U.K attempted to goad Iraq into war


So...not only did we plan for this war almost days after Bush's inauguration (Richard Clarke, Paul O'Neill's testimony), or go about "fixing the intelligence to fit the policy (Downing Street Memo), but now proof comes out that we INTENTIONALLY set out to goad Saddam into an unprovoked war by turning the self-defensive nature of the No-Fly Zones, into one of provocative aggression, in the hopes that a counter-attack from aggrieved Iraq would provide a justification for war.


Saturday, May 28, 2005

Condo Rice. says no independent investigation needed


Please...Mrs. Rice...let us be the judge of whether or not an independent investigation is necessary. You're not actually very "impartial" in this matter...given that you have sold your soul a few times already on this issue.

Rice stated,

"The United States is as open a society as you will find," she said, and the administration is being held accountable "by a free press, by a Congress that is a separate and co-equal branch of government, and by its own expectations of what is right."

Apparently, those expectations have long been dashed, Mrs. Rice. Informed comment on the lack of a credible "fourth estate" has been widespread, as has been revelations of the inability of the government to hold itself to standards that they deem "right". That's why we need an independent investigation...to be able to ascertain the extent of the crimes (because we already know they were committed from the small leaks of evidence and photos).

Naturally, as someone who has a lot to lose should the dirty details be revealed, you are paraded in front of the press to assuade our consciences, but I assure you, Mrs. Rice...there's NOTHING you could ever tell us again that would calm our uneasy conscience...nor our beliefs that you and the administration you serve represent, in the words of Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, "the worst scum and villainy in the galaxy". And as the Master added..."we should be cautious".

Indeed. You've had your time to prove to us that you are not another stooge...and that time has long passed. Now...your fate will hang with the rest of the scum that make up this administration.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Condo Rice interrupted in speech by protesters


My hat off to the protesters...we can NEVER forget...nor FORGIVE this administration

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Judge who barred Wicca teachings is Republican


I read about this outrageous case. A Marion County judge (Indiana) decided that a parent couldn't teach his son about Wicca, a religion that teaches about balance in nature and reverence of the Earth. Clearly, a violation of First Amendment law.

So...on a whim, I did a google for the judge (Carl J. Bradford) to see if he links to be a Republican.

VOILA...he is.


Around the middle of the page, he's listed as a Marion County Superior and County Judge...on the official Indiana GOP website. He's officially registered as a Republican, folks.

Want to see who he is?


That's the moron...and the picture comes from the ofificial website of the Court.

See it here.


Yet another Republican fascist judge...limiting people's Constitutional rights.

Is JimmyJeffGuckertGannon really Johnny Gosch?


A new twist in the mysterious Gannon story. It may be that Gannon is really Johnny Gosch...a boy abducted early in his years for child prostitution purposes for high-powered individuals.

What struck me was the photo included. Compare the photo of Jeff Gannon (really Jim Guckert..or so he says...may he is Johnny Gosch) and see for yourself. And what's up with all three names being initials J.G.? Looks like Gannon couldn't come up fake names beyond "J.G."

Anyone else see the distinctive eyes and chin and nose? If you asked me...they are a perfect match. Compare the child photo and the second photo in the set from the left...same smile, same eyes, same nose, and DEFINITE same CHIN.


More articles on this development...



Wednesday, May 25, 2005

CNN-cofounder against truth


This is the most anti-journalist ethics comment I've ever heard. This guy thinks the Pentagon SHOULD have lied about Abu Ghraib and that were he in the editor seat, would have helped to facilitate lies by the Pentagon, if it was in the country's interest. He also opposed the publication of information regarding the Koran desecration. For him, ownership rights of publishers trumps the public's right to know...in fact..the public doesn't have a right to know anything...

That's the problem with these free marketeers...for them, if it ain't in the Constitution, and it doesn't advance their capitalist agenda, it's not a right. No sense of shame, no sense of moral-ethical responsibility to furthering an open and transparent society, which, armed with knowledge, can improve their democracy...no...nothing of that. These scum have no sense of commitment to the Republic and its betterment.

oh..and folks...he's the CNN co-founder...

Do we need more evidence that our mass media is ruled by people who disdain us, the lowly masses, of having the truth told to us?

Republican Dentist squirts semen into patients' mouths


Either this dentist is yet another example of the hidden sickness in many Republican, self-hating, self-restricting sexual perverts or he just won the Ron Jeremy Award for Most Creative Cum-SHOT....get it...Cum SHOT? Syringes...SHOT...Semen....ah damn....

dammit...the crickets are getting louder....

Jokes aside...what a freaking loon...

Bush admits his words are propaganda


President Bush has just admitted, in his own words, that he practices the age-old tactic of fascist/communist regimes of repeating a lie until it becomes truth.

Folks...he even used the word PROPAGANDA to describe his words...

Freudian slip? Admission?

Gannon/Guckert a plagiarist


The gay whore is BAAAACK.

This time, JeffyJimmyGuckertGannon (whatever the guy's name is) has been accused by another reporter of plagiarizing, a major ethical offense in journalism.

As if we needed yet more proof of how Gannon is everything BUT a journalist.

Obituary to the Television Mass Media

Old lady goes bonkers


Well...I guess she IS a "crazy old coot".

Poor old lady...

Freedom Fries creator turns against his idea and the war


Credit where it is due...and this Republican congressman gets at least a pat on the back for reflecting on the total idiocy of his "freedom fries" idea, and for now publicly being anti-war. The point is not that he supports OUR (the Left's) positions...the point is that he was able to reflect about this war, his own dumb idea (freedom fries) and be a man about it. I wish the President and his group of loonies had, at least, that much character.

If the "freedom fries" creator can reflect on how wrong this war is...maybe there is still hope.

A New Offensive in Iraq...(in many a way...)


I just read this article and a quote just jumped out at me...

"Right now there's a larger threat than should be in Haditha, and we're here to tell them that they're not welcome," said Lt. Col. Lionel Urquhart, commander of the 3rd Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment, which is part of the operation."

Am I the only one that is TOTALLY weirded out by this statement? A FOREIGN American occupation soldier...telling resisting IRAQIS that they are not welcome in an IRAQI town, in the country of IRAQ, where their ancestors have lived since the beginnings of human civilization? I think that statement takes the Firebrand's Breath "Boy...you got HUGE balls" Award.

Congratulations Lt. Col. Lionel Urquhart!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Saving of the Filibuster

Well...the filibuster has been saved...but...at what cost? It's clear that both sides are not to sure who won...it was a compromise. Right-wingers are angry all over the net (freerepublic is flaming!), but Democrats seem divided as well. I happen to think that this is a temporary respite from the right-wing onslaught. If it means moderate Republicans are beginning to assert themselves, then perhaps it's a very good victory. But, if it is just a temporary respite from the nuclear option, only to have it pop up again in the future, then we didn't really win anything.

At the end of the day, 3 of the most horrendous judicial candidates were allowed to go through for an up and down vote. Somebody, somewhere, is going to suffer the wrath of their warped, right-wing judicial opinions.

But, there is a sense of vindication in all of this. As a Democratic Underground poster said to Dobson and Focus on the Family, currently fuming over this "betrayal" by Republicans..."hey pal. It's God's Will. Get over it". There's a sweet revenge in that.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Laura Bush angers Muslims


The First Stepword Wife strikes again! Why is Laura Bush going to Islam's holiest site in Israel/Palestine? Is she totally oblivious to what her husband has done...and how ALL the Bushes are now hated by it?

Put this one up there with "bonehead provocations" that this administration has done.

There's certain places in the world that I know now that I can't visit (because I'm light-skinned, and because of my American passport). And the prohibitions are even worse if you're a Bush.

Mrs. Bush...why don't you stay back home and read My Pet Goat to some kid...don't make Muslims even more angry...PLEASE.

Tillman family disgusted with Army


Now they are angry with the Army...but when columnists and cartoonists made statements about Tillman's non-heroic death and how it epitomized the entire public's warped viewpoints about their soldiers (as infallible heroes in a righteous cause), they kept quiet while the right-wing assailed them for being "un-American".

A quote:

"Tillman's mother and father said in interviews that they believe the military and the government created a heroic tale about how their son died to foster a patriotic response across the country."

Really? So those columnists and cartoonists were not out of touch when they argued the very same thing? That Tillman was being used as a quintissential hero figure, and that this development was unhealthy to having a critical perspective on the war, its reasons, and its consequences? Those columnists and cartoonists objected, not only to the usage of Tillman in that fashion, but to the prostitution of the "hero" ideal.

"They purposely interfered with the investigation, they covered it up. I think they thought they could control it, and they realized that their recruiting efforts were going to go to hell in a handbasket if the truth about his death got out. They blew up their poster boy."

Poster boy indeed! But, when courageous dissenting columnists and cartoonists pointed this out, they were burned for not being patriotic. The cartoonists and columnists who criticized Tillman, the Army, and the entire "macho, noble American soldier" persona were RIGHT....it took some months for the truth to come out.

Time to wake up, Tillman family. In fact, time to wake up to ALL American families. This is your Army. This is your government. This is the REAL America. And it ain't pretty.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Letourneau and her student


Well...what can I say...I guess I feel happy for them. Congrats!

First time might have been the adult taking advantage of the boy...the second time, bells should have sounded that maybe they truly loved each other...but when he still wanted to be with her after jail...that should have been the indication that these two souls deserve to be each other. After all...who would go through so much life hardship to be with one particular person?

I wish them the best.

P.S. He MUST have a big dick...because the hardship this woman endured...my GOD! :)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Star Wars 3: My Review - 2nd best of the series

I went to see Star Wars III yesterday at the midnight screening and I must say, I was quite pleased with how the series links with the original trilogy. Without a doubt, it was a more entertaining and moving experience than Star Wars EP 4 or EP 6 were. Does it dethrone EP 5 as the best of the series? I don't think so...but it really does get close.

The Emperor does a great job acting out his evil. You feel his influence. Yoda has his moments of funny antics, plus unstoppable Jedi attacks. The shift to the dark side by Anakin Skywalker is palpable...and you sense his pain and betrayal. In fact, betrayal is a very big theme in the movie, especially when it comes to the Jedis, who are exterminated. Don't expect to see the guy in the black helmet for long..his appearance in the movie last for about 5 minutes...but you do get to see how Anakin become so hidious...it's graphic.

Talking about graphic...this Star Wars really leaves the rest of the pack behind in lightsaber injuries. More than any of the other Star Wars, limbs fly, lightsaber marks are viewed on enemy beings, and more people die in this movie by lightsaber than soldiers die in a Rambo movie by bulletshots. For the enthuiast of swords and lightsabers, Revenge of the Sith is their holy grail in the Star Wars series.

Count Dooku and General Grievious (a new, robotic, secondary enemy character...who seems to be a prototype for the Vader suit) also play their parts in the saga...but their time is too be short. They don't survive the challenges of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi...though they do give splendid last performances.

The love scenes are not the best I've seen...but are not horrible stupid like in the first movie. The soundtrack is probably one of the best of the series...with very moving music in the betrayal and sadness aspects of the movie.

The effects? Well...it's Star Wars :) The effects are cranked out to the max...but what really gives this Star Wars life is the mix of Godfather-type betrayal, Romeo and Juliet-Shakespearean tragedy (between Anakin and Padme), and the battle between Good and Evil (exemplified, at the same time, by Obi-Wan vs. Anakin, and Yoda vs. Emperor).

There's not an aspect of Star Wars that is left behind...because of that, and because of successfully conveying a sense of sadness, anger, and betrayal...this Star Wars ranks as the 2nd best in my book.

Highly recommended.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Full George Galloway speech


FULL Video coverage of George Galloway's awesome speech in the U.S. Senate

Full text transcript provided as well.

You'll need RealPlayer to view it (www.real.com)

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

School gives detention to girl for HUGGING


Who is the sick, demented person that thought holding hands or hugging was bad?

Jesus...what is this country coming to!

George Galloway: My New Hero


Ladies and Gentlemen...I just want to say that some serious ass-whupping happened today...a British Parliament Legislator named George Galloway came to the U.S. Senate to defend himself from allegations that he was involved in the Oil-For-Food Scandal from Iraq. By a stroke of luck, today it was revealed that of all the offenders in that scandal with Saddam, U.S. corporations constituted 52% of all kickbacks to Saddam Hussein (that's more than the rest of the world combined). Armed with his innocence, this recently revealed news, and a sense of conscience (plus an unbreakable backbone...my GOD!), this man just uttered the most principled, conscientious, and stalwart speech ever uttered on the Senate Floor. In short...he just handed Sen. Coleman, and all other pro-war right-wingers, their asses on a plate.

Keep your eyes on Crooks and Liars.com...I'm sure they'll carry the full testimony later...but for now, visit the website above for selected video clips and Mp3 audio clips.

Atta boy, Galloway...teach these kindergarden Congressmen how politics in Europe is done...with style...and with a conscience.

U.S. was prime Oil For Food Scandal purchaser!


After all that right-wing talk about the U.N. and its corruption with Saddad, it turns out American firms account for 52% of oil kickbacks to Saddam during the scandal period...more than the entire world put together.

What is that they say about throwing stones in glass houses? :)

Monday, May 16, 2005

McCain: I don't agree with British memo


Well..McCain doesn't agree with the secret British memo that detailed we were going to fix the intelligence and facts of the Iraq War to fit our policy of pre-emptive war. Isn't that something? He doesn't agree with it, folks! I guess the contents of that memo have no relevance right...seeing as McCain doesn't agree with it.

Here's a hint, Johnny. We don't care whether or not you agree with it. What we care about is how our government officially planned to lie to us.

Mistakes are one thing..."fixing the facts" is not a mistake. That's deliberation. That's premediation..and if someone was killed, in a court of law, that would be murder, not involuntary manslaughter.

I think you were tortured a little too much in Vietnam, Johnny. You seem to have lost your sense of shame.

Dave Chapelle's not crazy...he speaks!


Well, at least we know he's ok...

Thank god...come back to us soon, Dave!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Video - Bill Maher's best moments on show


Courtesy of Crooks and Liars - http://www.crooksandliars.com

Bill Maher's best moments...awesome stuff.. Gore Vidal and Al Franken are on the video as well.

Condoleeza Rice LIES again


Does this woman have no shame? You're entitled to your opinions, but NOT your own facts. Let's examine her statements...

"I want you to keep focused on what you are doing here," Rice told the diplomats and troops who gathered in one of Saddam Hussein's former palaces. "This war came to us, not the other way around."

Ok...on what planet is she living on? Last time I checked, WE invaded Iraq without provocation. Assuming for the sake of argument that Iraq DID have the weapons of mass destruction we thought they had, is that an argument for aggressive war? Not only do countless other nations have WMDs (and we don't argue that because of that, they had provoked us), but Iraq had no delivery mechanisms to launch its supposed WMDs. It was absolutely no threat.

How was it that Iraq "brought" the war to us? How so, Mrs. Rice? Were Iraqi soldiers on some boat toward the Eastern seaboard? Was there a massive Iraqi amphibious assault in the works? Perhaps the Iraqi airforce had been able to amass a few Soviet-era Migs and was readying a debilitating air assault on our cities? I'd really like to know how the war "came to us"?

Obviously, a woman as educated as Mrs. Rice couldn't seriously be arguing that this war was based on an Iraqi threat to us? What could be the real reasons? She continues...

"The United States, along with the rest of the free world, believed somehow for a number of years that people in this region didn't care about freedom," she said. "We cared about stability. And what we got was neither. We got a malignancy that was growing that came to haunt us on the fine September day" in 2001"

Enter the messianic, new White Man's burden...enter the United States newfound "democracy" quest...we're there to spread "democracy"...we're willing to KILL to force those we KILL to adopt "democracy". And of course, even if Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9/11...because they are Arabs (and that's close enough for the comparison), we had to spread democracy to Iraq...otherwise, you know...those Iraqi arabs were just bound to attack us with terrorism. That's the logic...spread democracy, or Arabs will come back with more 9/11s. And by spreading democracy, I mean, destroy their entire nation, provoke anti-American hatred, set the environment for civil war, and allow the installation of an elected, fundamentalist Islamic government worse than the one before. That's what we mean by "spread democracy".

There comes a time when a nation needs to look at itself and ask the tough questions. Are our leaders NUTS? Do they actually think that there was this train called Iraq heading our way? Is that it all it takes to launch war? What's next? China..it's growing too much...and there's so much Chinese! Why? They even have a military...they are taking a war to us! Let's invade...but remember...this war with China came to us....we didn't ask for it...

Just for the record, I'd like to note...Condoleeza Rice is absolutely nuts (either that, or she has no shame and continues to promote the lies that got us into this war), and no rational thinking person should ever listen to her viewpoints again.

I doubt the entire black community believes in what this woman says...sounds like someone is getting dangerously close (if not already passing) Malcolm X's "house negro" marking...somebody is kissing to much Presidential ass, promoting the same lies, and overall prostituting herself to this administration's lies.

If you're gonna make your bed with the liars, Mrs. Rice...then prepare to be ostracized.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Italy joined the U.S. campaign for oil deals


Now we know why Italy joined the United States in Iraq. No country sends its troops for no reason.

300 billion dollars in oil deals is one HELLA of a reason to sacrifice Italian blood.

Blood for oil...

High School students challenge Limbaugh to history debate


My best to these kids...that's the way to out these conservative morons....make them back-up every single moronic comment they make.

Go get 'im guys!

Is Bush gay? Come clean, Republicans!


It's time to start talking seriously...who the hell is gay inside the White House. Jeff Gannon, male prostitute extraordinaire, doesn't visit the White House 20 times when there are no press conferences, to share Marine stories with Secret Service officials...he's fucking...and we know he's fucking someone inside. So...let's start talking seriously about this.

Ken Mehlman, reputedly gay spokesman of the Republican Party (he denies it, but rumors fly strong). Scott McClellan, also rumored to be gay, and spokesman for the President? What about Karl Rove? Or...maybe Bush? What about the Mayor who recently was forced to admit that he had been "brutally outed" as a homosexual, when he had a long history of anti-gay policies? It used to be that allegations of gays inside the Republican power-circles were parlor rumors inside liberal conversations. But...when Republican mayors begin to get outed, and male prostitutes walk the halls of the White House...the rumors begin to get understandably more credible!

Too many pieces folks...a puzzle is beginning to be formed. There's a LOT of self-hating gays that compose the Republican administration currently controlling the nation...and that wouldn't be a major scandal, if it weren't for the fact that Republicans are the most rabidly anti-gay people in this country. Pardon the comparison, but that's like flamingly sexualized women ruling Islamic Iran or Taliban Afghanistan. It would be an instance of the most horrible double-standards. We'd hate Islamic women who supported the horrible restrictions placed on women in Iran or Taliban Afghanistan, right? So...why are these self-hating Republican faggots above our condemnation? (note: I use the term "faggot", because I reserve the terms "queer, gay, homosexual, etc." for non-heterosexual people with dignity and self-respect. When you self-hate...you become a faggot in my book).

I want to know...and I want to know NOW. Are there self-hating faggots running the White House? Is Bush gay...if not him...who the hell was fucking Jeff Gannon on those 20 visits...because he sure as hell wasn't at some press conference!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Modern Civil Rights Struggle


A great legal decision. l particularly liked the rationale from the judge.

"In his ruling, U.S. District Judge Joseph Bataillon said the ban "imposes significant burdens on both the expressive and intimate associational rights" of gays and lesbians and "creates a significant barrier to the plaintiffs' right to petition or to participate in the political process."

Bataillon said the ban amounts to punishment and is "legislation that identifies persons by a single trait and then denies them protection across the board, resulting in disqualification of a class of persons from the right to seek specific protections from the law."

EXXCELLEEENT....that's is a great interpretation of the law. It's about time that Judge's read the issue of GLBT rights as one of civil rights, and discrimination against GLBT people as an affront to the development of human rights in general. GLBT discrimination IS today's "racism"...it's the discrimination of a class of people based on "a single trait".

The 70 percent vote against homosexual marriage doesn't impress me either. At a time, the majority of the entire South was against African-American emancipation, and later, it was opposed to their legal status as equal citizens. The Courts, at that time, were one of the forums of the country to first begin to recognize the grave injustice done to African-Americans. We cannot allow mass injustice to occur, legitimized on the grounds of hastily developed referendum legislation, propagandized attitudes against homosexuals, and mass hysteria over their identities. Hitler was a popularly elected leader too...did that stop us from recognizing the absolute brutality of his regime? The Religious Right has used its organizational power to move referenda in various states, much like the Southern racists used State initiatives to "protect State's rights", which for the most part meant the State's right to develop state law to legitimize discrimination against blacks, and bar interference by an equalizing Federal government. There was a time that the Federal goverment had to intervene against Southern legislatures and Governors, who refused to abide by equalizing Federal law. That time has come again...that is, of course, if we still wish to be considered a leading nation of the free world.

We have only two choices: we can join the Middle East in its (understandable, but condemnable) regression into fundamentalist organization of society's laws, or we could continue the path that was started in 1778...the path that placed the United States at the forefront of a political movement of Western enlightenment; the product of centuries of Western advancements such as the Enlightenment and the Reformation.

That really is what is at stake. We cannot, at the same time, be one of the leading democratic/free nations, and have our society's laws and social values shaped by a fundamentalist clique that wants to returns us to Puritanical witch-hunts and the restriction of political freedom to "traditional", white propertied males. It's a cultural war...one I intend to wage on behalf of, not only my children, but the children of all races, sexualities, and ethnic groups. We cannot fail them...

I've chosen. My choice entails a commitment to fight the fundamentalist barrage with all my strength; to struggle for the development of ever-more inclusive human rights values. Have you chosen?

A New Non-Aligned Movement?


A New Non-Aligned Movement of the Third World? I sincerely hope so.

This is what has been needed for some time...an organized alliance of Third World nations in opposition to American neo-liberal capitalism.

Runaway Bride explains her "runaway"


Are you serious? She left Georgia because of feeling overwhelmed over...wedding details?

Give me a damn break...god damned spoiled Americans!

Only in America does a women feel so overwhelmed about "wedding" details that she concocts a sexual assault story to cover up for her leaving her hometown.

People...we are getting REALLY frivolous with our materialism.

Maybe, if she had a brain, she could have just said, "fuck it...I love this man, and I'm gonna get married my way, and I'm not gonna worry about details. It's gonna be a simple marriage on a hilltop or on the beach". Couldn't she have done that instead?

What a pansy...

Iraq is going BAD



Read the assessments of foreign specialists, and contrast their BLEAK assessments (none of them POSITIVE or OPTIMISTIC) with the rhetoric of Republican spokesmen?

Somebody is lying to us. Is it the foreign specialists and their bleak assessments, or is it the Republican administration spokesmen?

YOU make the call.

Dave Chapelle in mental hospital in South Africa


Wow..bummer...anyone else getting visions of Robin Williams-like life swings? It seems Dave is going through one of those moments...and why Cape Town, South Africa? Why seek help THERE? That's just...WEIRD.

Anyway, get well Dave. We miss you already...you've been a very funny guy in the past, and at the same time, have used your spot in prime-time to advance provocative social commentary. I respect you a lot.

Take care.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Scottish airways to start tourist travel to Baghdad


I happen to believe that some people are just morons...absolute idiots.

Scottish airlines are to start TOURIST travels to Baghdad, Iraq.

Perhaps these Scots need some satellite Dish TV or access to the Internet...because they seemed to forget one, minor detail when planning their tourist travel...


Not that I mind...let the fools end up as "collateral damage" from an American airstrike or Iraqi suicide bomber.

King Tutankhamen's face reconstructed


Face of Tutankhamen reconstructed.

Incredible...we can even know what this guy looked from his mummy...

He looked a little...effeminate, no? Maybe it' the eye stuff...

Republican Rev. resigns from Church


And it finally happened. The dumb, Republican pastor...who thought God belongs to Republicans only, resigned, presumably under the weight of protests against his Church.

Some might say it was....God's will...harharharharhahr......

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

HBO Boxing sportscaster Jim Lampley says Bush stole election!


Maybe others will start speaking out like this man has done.

Jim Lampley...I salute you. THANK YOU!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Bush: "bring me Osama's head on ice"


Now we are REALLY going back to the Crusades?

Bring back their head on ice? Put them on pikes? What the hell is that...a Braveheart sequel?

Bush The Impaler...sounds fitting.

Talibanist pastor: "a great misunderstanding"


Looks like somebody is running with his tail between his legs...

That Christian Talibanist pastor that threw out Democratic churchmembers...remember him?

Now he says it was just..."a great misunderstanding".

No...it wasn't. You were a religious fanatical ass...and now you're scared the news of your "religious fanatical ass" nature will spread around the country and world.

Shine the light on them...and these cockroaches yelp for forgiveness...

Video Lecture on the Truth of 9/11


A very interesting video lecture by Professor Emeritus David Ray Griffin. He talks about how the 9/11 facts presented in the media do not add up. Urges us to question what we know and search for the truth regarding 9/11.

Venezuela and Cuba team up to offer medical aid


Who do they they are...these socialist rascals of Cuba and Venezuela...

What gall! What arrogance! To think that they can promote an initiative to offer medical aid to the sick and poor of Latin America. You just can't trust these dictatorships....

The horror....the horror... :)

Teacher embarrasses student; student to sue.


Sometimes you just have to laugh at the insanity...or you will go insane as well.

Some teacher singled out a student who had "mono", and remarked that only students who are "sexually active" get that.

Naturally, the student was embarrassed, and is suing the school over the incident.

GOOD for her!

U.S. desecrating the Qu'ran


Continuing in our unending crusade to let the world know we are insensitive pricks....and double-standard/hypocritical ones at that.

The new development? Newsweek details that as part of tactics to get Guantanamo detainees (most who are innocent) to talk, they have been flushing copies of the Qu'ran down the toilet. Pakistan has heard about this, and is deeply offended, as most other Muslim nations probably will too.

If Saddam Hussein was flushing down copies of the Bible in front of American POWs, we'd be hearing about it non-stop on Fox News and the Christian networks of Robertson and Falwell, but because it's the other way around, it's ok.

Karma has a way of resolving itself and coming back on those that harm others...usually in the form of an airplane hitting a large tower.

The Top Ten Conservative Idiots, # 197


They are here...this week's conservative idiots.

And I completely agree with #3....that's a bombshell of a story, and the American mass media is not touching it. If the media WAS liberal (as conservatives like to argue), they would be all over this story like vultures circling on a carcass.

But we don't have a liberal media, so it ain't gonna happen. :)

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Bush-Roosevelt: Pot Calling Kettle Black


This is a major pot calling kettle black alert.

Bush is blaming President Roosevelt for the division of Europe post World War II. That's not entirely accurate. The basis for an ideological division of the world during the Cold War was already there. The communists in Russia knew that they're main enemies were the capitalist nations of France, England, Germany, and the United States. The temporary alliance that occured during the war would have NOT occured if it weren't for the German attack against Russia. It would be unfair to blame President Roosevelt for events that happened after World War II. That there would be a contest between the two strongest countries, and specifically, those that championed their respective ideologies, was inevitable.

Now, Bush, on the other hand, has some REAL explaining to do regarding the CURRENT division of Europe (between "Old Europe" and "New Europe"). In fact, you could extend that division to the U.S. versus most of the world.

And unlike President Roosevelt, it can be easily argued that President Bush is individually responsible for the CURRENT division in the world with respect to the United States and its foreign policies.

I'd advise President Bush to keep his criticism to himself...especially since he himself will be looked upon as the person most responsible for dividing the world in the modern era.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Darwin's Lament


A great article on the ongoing issue between Darwinist theory and Christian Talibanist idiocy in Kansas.

Darwin's Lament


A great article on the ongoing issue between Darwinist theory and Christian Talibanist idiocy in Kansas.

Catholic magazine editor sacked by Vatican


Let the Catholic purges begin! This new Pope doesn't wait too long, does he?

Talk about condoms...get SACKED.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Christian Talibanist Pharmacist denies "morning-after" pill


Another Talibanist moron pharmacist refuses to hand out "morning after" pills.

Hey, Moron....the morning after pill only delays ovulation, it does not kill an already fertilized egg. It prevents ovulation until the sperm have died...it does NOT kill a fertilized embryo.

No one dies, no cell is killed...no murder.

Keep your whackjob morals to yourself! If you can't, resign your pharmacist post.

God...I wish a pharmacist WOULD pull this stunt on me...I'd go off on them so badly, they'd beg me to allow them to fill the prescription!

Pastor expells Democrats from Church


In a shining example of what we can expect from Christian Taliban-ruled America, this video news clip shows what a Pastor did to fellow church members because they were Democrats.

Way to go, Christian Talibans!

Iraq's a Quagmire: Rolling Stone, May 5th


An excellent, one-article overview of the situation in Iraq. This article is dated May 5th, 2005.

It's looking even worse than we thought...

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Graner described as "Hannibal Lecter"


Great choices the Army is making these days, huh?

Recruit social monsters, and then send them over to another country...great idea!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Brazil refuses U.S. AIDS aid


Hooray for Brazil....way to stick up for the rights of your people.

Not that I think prostitution is really the cleanest profession to go into (who wants to give up their sex to strangers...because of necessity?), but, ultimately, a good government takes care of its sick citizens. They are human beings, at the end of it, and the U.S. clause takes away their rights.

Are they to simply die...is that it, U.S.?

Thankfully, the Brazilian government has a better sense of humanity than the Christian Talibanist controlled U.S.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Rep. John Conyers and the U.S-U.K secret memo



Once again, Rep. John Conyers fulfills his
responsibilities as an official of our government in
keeping the watchful eye of the voting public on
governmental actions. This time, he is criticizing
the secret (but leaked) report that highlighted that
the U.S. and U.K. governments jointly decided to
attack Iraq prior to even coming to Congress for
permission. Especially damning is the report's
evidence that Bush and Blair would seek "pretextual"
reasons for invading Iraq, and that they would "fix
the intelligence" to justify "the policy" (the war).

In other words, Blair and Bush lied to their people
DELIBERATELY and planned the war before even seeking
parliamentary (England) or Congressional (U.S.)
permission for the war.

Way to respect the rule of law and democracy, Mr Bush
and Mr. Blair....

Conyers brings attention to Secret U.S.-U.K. war report


Once again, Rep. John Conyers fulfills his responsibilities as an official of our government in keeping the watchful eye of the voting public on governmental actions. This time, he is criticizing the secret (but leaked) report that highlighted that the U.S. and U.K. governments jointly decided to attack Iraq prior to even coming to Congress for permission. Especially damning is the report's evidence that Bush and Blair would seek "pretextual" reasons for invading Iraq, and that they would "fix the intelligence" to justify "the policy" (the war).

In other words, Blair and Bush lied to their people DELIBERATELY and planned the war before even seeking parliamentary (England) or Congressional (U.S.) permission for the war.

Way to respect the rule of law and democracy, Mr Bush and Mr. Blair....

Conyers brings attention to Secret U.S.-U.K. war report


Once again, Rep. John Conyers fulfills his responsibilities as an official of our government in keeping the watchful eye of the voting public on governmental actions. This time, he is criticizing the secret (but leaked) report that highlighted that the U.S. and U.K. governments jointly decided to attack Iraq prior to even coming to Congress for permission. Especially damning is the report's evidence that Bush and Blair would seek "pretextual" reasons for invading Iraq, and that they would "fix the intelligence" to justify "the policy" (the war).

In other words, Blair and Bush lied to their people DELIBERATELY and planned the war before even seeking parliamentary (England) or Congressional (U.S.) permission for the war.

Way to respect the rule of law and democracy, Mr Bush and Mr. Blair....

The Cost of Tony Blair


Lying to the British people over a war on Iraq - hundreds of thousands Iraqis, Americans, and British dead, hundreds of billions of dollars wasted + dignity, credibility, self-respect.

Lying to the British people over the deployment of NEW nuclear weapons - Dignity, credibility, self-respect + votes in the upcoming elections.

Basing the single-most important political policy of your reign as Prime Minister on the grounds that selected nations should not have weapons of mass destruction, when you yourself are advocating the upgrading and enlarging of your own country's weapons of mass destruction arsenal...and NOT seeing the gross, self-serving hypocrisy in that - PRICELESS

The Candidate for those who actually LIKE to be shafted up the butty...repeatedly.

Top Ten Conservative Idiots, #196


The New Idiots...and Bush won all the slots...boy did he earn em.

Fox news blames liberals for gasoline prices


If you weren't convinced that Fox News is a conservative joke of a news site...take a look at this.

Who is to blame for high oil prices? LIBERALS. not kidding...they are blaming liberals. I'm not kidding...go to the website above. They got video clips of this. This actually happened. Very Orwellian, huh?

What loons!

Bush...holding hands with Abdullah of Saudi Arabia?

I'm sorry, Mr. President. I don't care how "buddy-buddy" of a relationship you have with another world leader...I don't care how fraternal are your relations with him...but you don't hold hands with him and parade around the White House. That's just....gay...man.

"obligatory Seinfeld response" - NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT.

That's gay....no self respecting Cowboy holds hands with another man! Did Clint Eastwood hold hands with other men? I don't think so! That's true even for a pseudo-cowboy from Texas, who really was silver-spoon fed in Connecticut...but that's another story, right Mr. President?

How about less of the gay holding of hands, and a little more pressuring Saudi Arabia to not be such a backwards, human-rights violating, oppressive regime which teaches its people to follow an interpretation of Islam more in concert with the 7th century. Too much to ask, Mr. President?